Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Semifinalists !

So who is the strongest of them all ?

If you just look at the records of the semifinalists against each other here is how they stand:

Rajasthan 4-2
Punjab 3-3
Chennai 3-3
Delhi 2-4

Which is the exact order in which they line up.

However that does not tell the whole story. For a lot of the teams have evolved since when they played each other.

So who are the favorites ?

I know that in a lot of forums I visit Chennai is described as the weakest of the semifinalists and Punjab is expected to run over them. I do not subscribe to this view however; for the simple fact that Chennai have beaten Punjab twice.

Indeed given a choice between facing Punjab and Rajasthan in the semis I would prefer to face Punjab any day.

Also for some reason people are beginning to look upon Delhi as very strong contenders. I wonder why. I believe luck (and some self-destruction on the part of Mumbai) played a huge role in Delhi getting to this stage. If they continue to rely on luck they might be in for a huge shock.

All in all I still believe Rajasthan is by far the strongest team and the one to beat.

And you ?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Punjab factor..My views on RR is dat they do manage to get some good starts which is essential in this format.I would love to face RR in the finals and beat them royal blue

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely the same views.

But, though we should remember that the first time we beat them with Hussey's brilliant knock, and the second time we beat them with a brilliant comeback performance by Balaji.

So, a brilliant performance is needed to get over them. But, yes, Punjab is very much the preferred opposition compared to Rajasthan in the semifinals :)

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

whoever the opponent is, we[CSK] should win. and we will win.
as far as i concerned, no team is favorite. and i do agree, one brilliant performance will change the game.

who performs better, can go through.
i think dhoni wont take this match lightly. we may see some dhoni's magic in this game. and some responsible innings from the top order

Thiru Cumaran said...

well i think the underdog tag will work in favour of chennai! Vidyut and Patel might make a gr8 opening pair, and if we can blast sreeshanth and irfan, then we have an extremently good chance. I'd also like to see Badri hit his midwicket sixes off chawla and powar.

I feel the bowlers should focus on chipping off at the other end, putting pressure on marsh (like we did in the previous meeting) and he'll get himself out, which will mean bale bale for us!

Anonymous said...

Bowling against punjab will be the winning factor. If CSK were to win the toss we must field first and resist them to 150. If we were to bat first then we must make a score over 200 and put pressure....i think we have a great chance to win at Mumbai. RR versus CSK in the finals. I agree with your view that RR is still the mightier team than others. Punjab may relish their win against RR but RR was not in full strength. Warne was tactical in letting others a chance to taste pressure situation, which would make it more stronger. I still want CSK to win the finals!