Monday, 5 May 2008

Thrashed and Humiliated...

For any Chennai Super Kings fan, yesterday was one of the worst nights. Not only the team was outclassed and defeated but was thrashed and humiliated. I would have preferred hiding in some dark corner rather than showing up for supporting the team.


  • Be Positive: Even after such a humiliating defeat, Dhoni still remains positive and did not read too much into the defeats. Hats Off to that Positive Attitude!
  • Morkel's Batting: Though 42 runs from Morkel were not enough to turn around the fortunes, they should give confidence to him and the team... that  on some other day, he could save the game for Chennai Super Kings.
  • Lesson: A defeat teaches you a lot of lessons and also shows the bad habits or wrong strategies of the team. So two defeats in a row would have been an eye opener for Dhoni & Co. Hope they learn their lessons.

Since we were thrashed without any mercy, I am not going to pile up my misery by  writing the negatives (Weak Top 3, Missed Catch, Pressure to always post 180 on board, etc...). And Hats off to Sohail Tanvir for some exceptional bowling. I just hope that Chennai Super Kings' fortunes makes a quick turnaround.

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"


Anonymous said...

Being a hardcore Chennaite married to a non- chennaite.... its tough times for me at home..... c'mon CSK. start roaring once again !

Anonymous said...

I heard young Chamara kapu of Sri Lanka joining Chennai SuperKings. Is it true.

Unknown said...

@ mylaporegal,
Me too hoping that CSK starts roaring once again..

@ nadun,
Yeah.. It semes Swarnawahini channel in Sri lanka has reported it.. It is a nice choice taking future into the strategy. Hope they also do the same by signing in Ajantha Mendis, a great spin talent from Sri lanka..

blogbuddy said...

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