Sunday, 4 May 2008

Rajasthan Royals Vs Chennai Super Kings - Match Preview

A Contest Among Equals. A Contest among two teams that are led by amazing captains. A Contest among two teams that faced defeat at the hands of the same team - Delhi Daredevils. And they will face to decide who is the better among the two.

While one team has not settled down after the departure of its key players, the other team is gaining momentum under the guidance of their coach and captain. Personally it would be really exciting to see master tactician Warne face against Master Cool Dhoni.


Our Team:

I just hope that Dhoni & Co. get their act together with regard to the team's batting order. Also it is important the bowlers understand their role in the team and bowl with a clear purpose. Fleming and Raina, It is ripe time that you both came good with their bat.



A underdog team that everybody  expected to lose has surprised all through their great performance. Even though I support Chennai Super Kings, it is Rajasthan Royals that has gained my respect in this short period of time. Especially Warne has been great all through the tournament with his excellent captaincy and bowling. The way the young lads are responding to him is a matter of envy for all IPL captains.

Rajasthan Royals IPL Team Logo  Vs Chennai_Super_Kings_IPL_Logo


Most Dangerous Players:

  1. Captain Warne: Rather than the bowler Warne, I am more worried about Captain Warne. Especially since he had more time than us to prepare for this crucial match.
  2. Kaif/Mascarenhas: These two players have not yet stamped their class on IPL [While one missed all the opportunities, the other has not got any opportunity]. Just hoping that they did not show their class tomorrow.

Royal Contests:

  1. Captain Warne Vs Captain Dhoni
  2. Smith Vs Ntini

Prediction: A Comfortable win for Chennai Super Kings


Ramesh Subramanian said...

I don't think its going to be such a easy win fir CSK. RR sure doesn't have the sort of big names u would expect. But they seem to be a good team.

Anonymous said...

Enna solla pogira chennai losing matches ra...

Danesh said...

Dhoni must apologize to the CSK fans for his team's spineless performance. There is no shame in losing - but losing without fighting is criminal.

Unknown said...

@ ramesh subramanian,
My predictions have bitten dust.. Rajasthan royals won the match.. :(

@ anonymous,
My reply to Chennai losing matches "Be positive, Stay positive"... With the way IPL is shaping up, i m sure any team that has won 8 or 9 games would surely qualify for the semifinals.. So we have to win just 4 more out of the rest 8.. Not a big ask..

@ danesh,
The low score does not mean CSK lost without a fight.. Still there is a lot of matches to go.. we will see how they perform and then we will think about calling Dhoni to apologize to CSK fans..

Danesh said...

@robin: An 8-wicket loss with overs to spare, poor fielding... these are reasons for despair. The match with Delhi DareDevils was at least competitive - Sehwag being the diff. This one was not competitive at all.

Unknown said...

@ danesh,
Yeah.. we were outclassed... But any team is allowed to have a off-day.. I just think today was one of them.. If the performance like this continue for 2 or 3 matches, then we have every reason to blame Dhoni.. 1 match is too less a time to blame Dhoni...