Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Path For Chennai

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If we win any one of the next two games, we are THROUGH.

If Mumbai beat Delhi we are THROUGH even if we lose both our games.

Otherwise, (i.e. if we lose both our games, and Delhi beat Mumbai) we can still go THROUGH if Mumbai loses their other two games as well, i.e. to Rajasthan and Bangalore. In short, if Mumbai loses all its games, we are THROUGH even if we don't win any more games. If Mumbai loses to Delhi but wins one of their other two games (either Rajasthan or Bangalore) then we will have to rely on run-rate.

If we lose both our games, and Mumbai loses to Delhi BUT wins the other two games - we are OUT.

The easiest thing for us would be - to just win a game and be happy ! :D:D:D


Danesh said...

Rather than waiting for the DC game we should try and beat the Royals - this will not only take us through to the semi-finals but will give us good confidence after this demoralizing loss.

Anonymous said...

We should win against RR and enter the semis in style. That should give us confidence and momentum.

Murali said...

We will stop the dream-run of Rajasthan Royals Today.

I hope Dhoni and Wessels has already got a game plan for Warne's Boys