Saturday, 3 May 2008

Outclassed and Defeated...

Everybody knew we could not continue this winning momentum for ever and it has to come to an end, sooner or later. So Delhi Daredevils ending the winning run, in spite of some spirited performance from Chennai Super Kings, was not a big surprise.

Gaurav already has an in depth review of the match between Super Kings and Daredevils. So I am just outlining the positives and negatives of Chennai Super Kings' performance in the match.



  1. Vidyut: Vidyut's fifty on IPL debut bodes well for the team. With Parthiv Patel failing to convert any of his good starts, it will be tough to defend his place in the squad any more.
  2. 'Never Give Up' Attitude: It was great to see our team not giving up, even after the onslaught of Sehwag and Gambhir.  Hope they never lose this attitude.
  3. Ntini: Many people considered that Ntini would be leaking runs in T20. But his bowling yesterday gives us hope that he could be a good T20 bowler too.


  1. Batting Order: I somehow did not like the idea of Dhoni coming too early in the innings. It is ok if Dhoni promotes himself in the batting order after 12 overs. Promoting himself ahead of Raina does not make sense since Raina could score much more runs than Dhoni during the middle overs. Also a talented player like Badrinath is not getting enough opportunities to show his class. [Happy to see Dhoni echoing the same thoughts here.]
  2. Openers: We surely missed 8 - 10 more runs in the first 3 overs. Yeah! McGrath is a great bowler. But in T20, you have to take apart all the bowlers to get a decent score. Parthiv Patel has not been able to accustom himself to the opener position in a T20 match and has been a big disappointment in the top order.Time to either bring him down the batting order or remove him out of playing eleven.
  3. Raina's Attitude: Run outs in the last two matches. A Class Player, he could easily become the Most Valuable Batsman for the team. But... A team man, he seems to treat his wicket very lightly. Hope somebody drills some sense to him about the value of his wicket. [Remember he is the second highest paid Indian in the team]


Anonymous said...

i think the reason dhoni played up the order was the right-left hand combination of batsmen at the crease
(dhoni-vidyut) ..

[ ]

Viswanathan said...

Dhoni wanted to maximize the overs bowled by the young Delhi hopefuls, Sangwan and Gang.

Unfortunately they were excellent yesterday.

I think tomorrows match to be crucial for CSK. It will decide their progress in the tournament.

Unknown said...

@ipl crazy,
i don't think so.. As he said in the interview today it was a conscious decision for him to come at No:4 and bat before Raina and Badrinath, which i don't think worked out yesterday.. As he said in today's interview, tomorrow we may see him coming after Raina..

@ ottayan,
Yeah.. he thought he could go after them... unfortunately they were good.. [he did not get "Steyn" overs he got against Bangalore Royal Challengers].. It also shows that Dhoni is not as explosive as Sehwag or other top players who could go after any one..

With back to back matches against Jaipur and Hyderabad, it think tomorrow's match is crucial.. since it may well decide the points table ..