Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings - Match Preview

A resurgent Mumbai Indians team, strengthened further by the return of its batting Maestro Sachin Tendulkar, would be taking on Chennai Super Kings. While Chennai Super Kings are sitting pretty in the points table with 6 wins, Mumbai Indians have to win at least 5 of the 7 matches to reach the semifinals. So we can expect a highly contested match between the determined Mumbai Indians Vs Cool Chennai Super Kings.

Our Team:
While the win against Delhi Daredevils was set up by our batsmen, the last match was won by our bowlers. In addition to Balaji's bowling, it was heartening to see the way both Morkel & Murali bowled. While Murali did the task he was asked to do (control runs), 19th over bowled by Morkel (especially his yorkers) set up the win. [As the tournament progresses, expect Morkel's bowling to become crucial to the team rather than his batting] It was also heartening to see Badrinath making use of the opportunity provided to him.

Mumbai Indians team possess a host of explosive hitters who could change the match on their day. But all their wins so far has been set up by their bowlers. So Chennai batsmen better watch out for them.

Most Dangerous Players:
  1. Sachin Tendulkar: Any Doubts???. The master blaster returning from the injury would be determined to make sure that his team starts the second round of IPL with a win.
  2. Home Crowd: Even during the continuous losses of Mumbai Indians, the home crowd was firmly behind their team. So we can expect them to create that 'extra' support for Mumbai Indians and that 'extra' pressure on Chennai Super Kings.
Royal Contests:
  1. Tendulkar Vs Gony: One Player has loads of experience and is admired all over the world and the other player is one of the finds of the tournament. I am sure this contest would decide the match.
  2. Captain Tendulkar Vs Captain Dhoni: It was on Tendulkar's suggestion that Dhoni was made the captain of T20 side. It would be a keen contest to watch which captain has the final laugh.
Favorites: Chennai Super Kings


CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

to be frank i want mumbai indians to win this match.. becoz i want Sachin to win.
it doesn't mean i'm against chennai. we are alomost confirm to semi's. thats the reason y i am cheering mumbai.

for me i am cherring 50.1 % to mumbai 49.9 % to chennai

Ramesh Subramanian said...

100% chennai! Even though I like sachin.

Gaurav said...

yep ! chennai it is ! sachin the batsman ? Yeah ! sachin the captain ? nah !

Unknown said...

@ praveen,
Yeah... Only Sachin can bring those doubts in our mind - on whom to support??. :)

@ ramesh,
me too 100% behind CSK...

@ Gaurav,
Chennai Super Kings starts as a favourite mainly because of the relative inexperience of Sachin in T20... We have seen other IPL captains like Saurav, Dravid, etc.. struggling intially in IPL because of their relative lack of experience in T20... So it will take some time for Sachin to get a hang of it.. But still... if there any of Mumbai Indians produce a magical innings, then they would win..

Anonymous said...

yup, he def is the god of cricket, at least in this part of the world... i wish he scores a 100, luv watchin him play... but then i also hope tat the rest of the team collapse for 50 runs, so we get both our wishes.... see the master play and have our team win easily... wat say ppl??? *grins

Anonymous said...

I think Sachin factor will not affect the today match result. In T20, big names carry less value compared to other format of the game; in 20 overs, no time to marvel what someone did in the past; just kick the ass. And keeping in mind the poor performance of Sachin as captain my opinion is “The Kings” have more chances of winning this game. The burden of captaincy affects his batting as well. He is (or was?!) just a good batsman (may be the best), not a good leader. Mumbai will do better under Pollock than Sachin. CSK is coming out good after the 3 defeats. The team balance is perfect. I am expecting more contribution from local lads in the matches to come. Bads and Balaji set the trend and hope they continue. And we got a superb Captain to lead the team. Good Luck to CSK.

I visit this site regularly and I think this is the best Fan site of CSK. Keep up the good work Robin.

PS: Anyone noticed that the most expensive teams in IPL are at the bottom of the table.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sachin want play in any of the IPL matches cuz he knows the trick of the leag, after this leag finished iCCI ghoing to take new team so if he didnt shine in this leag he il be not selected, see wats going to hapend for dravid and ganguly...... this leag is plane for droping old people indain fans nevr think all think sachin only great there are lot of players with lot talent you all can see in leag, nw did u gt the reason y sachin nt playing u fools think bit kkk/////

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

hey raghav, nice thinking yaar :)
what abt the team. are we gonna maintain the same squad ?
will fleming will be dropped ?

for me the strategy will be this...
use the first 6 overs when you are batting.
and pick-up atleast 2 wickets and give below 30 runs in powerplay. that will be enough...

what say ?

Unknown said...

@ Kannan,
Thanks for the compliments.. Will try to keep up the fansite..

@ praveen,
I am sure Ntini will play today's match.. But who he is going to replace is the question... Fleming or Kapugedera.. we have wait and see for that..

RJ said...

even if the entire opposition 11 is filled with star players and players i like the most i wud still support for CSK.
CSK is a gud team, if their natting clicks today they will win it for sure

Saravanan said...

The most awaited battle has come for me...Sachin in IPL matches,Sachin has been the God of cricket and will remain so till he retires...
Sachin is too good a player to write off,he is matchless to Dravid or Ganguly..Sachin is going to be the difference between the teams today and hopefully can take his team forward to the semis...
Good luck master...Let ur bat do the talking tonight as it always does...

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

dropping kapugadera is hard. becoz he has not got any chance to bat..
to replace ntini we need a bowler like joginer in the team :) so i dont think he will be there

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

some typo error in my previous post;;;;;;;;;;

dropping kapugadera is hard. becoz he has not got any chance to bat.. and he is a handy allrounder also.

so far our bowlers doing very well. maybe amarnath will sit out. and we may see joginder in team..

Thiru Cumaran said...

Hey kudos to the blogger, nice site ur maintaining!

I highly doubt that Dhoni will try to change the side, but I frankly can't understand why teams so desperately want to make full use of the quota of 4 players when there are local guys who could possibly do better than teh foriegners. I'm a sri lankan, and i won't pack any punches, kapugedara is a big disappointment for all the hype he created when he came onto the international stage, and frankly I'd give S.Anirudha another chance to make a name for himself.

however, I highly doubt that Ntini will come in, and even if he is gonna come, it might be at the expense of Amarnath, and Kapugedara would have to be dropped in order to get their bearings right (which could mean a chance for Anirudha).

Chennai FTW!

Thiru Cumaran said...

oh pls no joginder, he's WAY too expensive!

Ramesh Subramanian said...

We got screwed!