Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Impact of Today's Match

With the drubbing we received today at Mumbai, Chennai Super Kings' Net Run rate has taken a plunge. This means even a two wins out of the four matches may not be enough for the team to secure its semifinal spot. So a little bit pressure on Dhoni and let us see how the team responds to this pressure.


How do you rate Chennai Super Kings' chances of reaching the semifinals?


yathu said...

please put morkel as open batsman and put flaming as 2ed or 3ed

and take nittny inside.

Unknown said...

@ yathu,
Morkel has never been an opener in his life.. So expecting him to play that position is not right.. Let us wait for Fleming to strike form once he did that.. he would be such a pleasure to watch... [see the results for Mumbai.. they waited nearly 7 matches for Jayasuriya to strike form.. and he has been deadly ever since then.. so let us wait.. ]