Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Hmm... Another Defeat!

Chennai Super Kings Vs Deccan Chargers - Match Review

Another defeat... Third in a row... It is now time to hit the "PANIC" button. The team surely needs some drastic changes if it has to start winning again. It can't carry any extra baggage(like Parthiv Patel) for any more time. Our opponents have started exposing these weakness in the team. Also they have been able to execute their well laid plans while our team has found itself, lacking in preparation for the matches.



  1. Albie Morkel: Though his bowling is not as impressive as his batting, he has laid his claim for promoting himself up the batting order.
  2. Murali: He is showing that he can bamboozle batsmen in any format. He should be begging his team mates to provide a competitive total to defend or to bowl first.
  3. Gony: Gony's last over sixes should really bode well for the team. Even his bowling was pretty impressive today.



  1. Weak Top 3: For any team to succeed in the T20 format, at least one of its top three batsman should last for 10 overs. But sadly in our team, the top 3 are the weakest batsmen of the team. Hope common sense prevails and the better batsman like Raina(3), Morkel(4), Dhoni(5) & Badrinath(6) are promoted up the order.
  2. Initial 3 overs: In all these 3 matches, we have lost the match in the initial 3 overs of the game. Lack of Blazing start in the first 3 overs creates that extra pressure on future batsmen to score. So please send a pinch hitter as an opener. [How about Dhoni opening with Fleming???]
  3. Parthiv Patel: 7 seven matches are more than enough to judge a person's ability in a batting order. It is time Parthiv Patel is thrown out of the playing eleven. If he is the best batsman available of the lot, at least ask him to bat lower down the order. Let the opening position be given to some other explosive player.
  4. Dhoni: Except for Dhoni's assault on Steyn in the match against Bangalore Royal Challengers, Dhoni has been pretty ordinary with respect to his strike rate. [His strike rate has been generally less than the team's strike bate] Even the twenty three runs he scored today were less than run-a-ball. The pressure created by his slow strike rate is one of the major reasons for the middle order wickets falling in heaps.
  5. Fleming & Ntini: Both these players have not provided a ideal IPL start to the team. While Fleming has not been able to stamp his class, Ntini has not been able to take even a single wicket. [Hope they make a turn around or at least bring in Chamara Kapugedera quickly]
  6. Joginder Sharma: He calls him an all rounder. But both his bowling and batting has been pretty ordinary. Time to bring Palani Amarnath or Balaji in the place of Joginder?
  7. Badrinath: In the last two matches, Badrinath got opportunities to show his class and put up his name for the Indian team selection . But sadly, he failed both the times.
  8. Raina: He has been the best batsman of the lot. Hopefully he changes his habit of throwing his wicket away.
  9. Kepler Wessels: I don't know what he is doing. He has not been able to come out with strategies to win matches or any surprises to put the opposite team out of balance. It is time he gets innovative.
  10. 'Bat First': Three matches have shown that Dhoni's 'Bat First' philosophy has not been working for the team. [Only 10 out of 26 IPL matches has been won by teams batting first]. It is time we give 'Bowl First' option a try.

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"

Chennai Super Kings next face Delhi Daredevils at Delhi. If they did not make some drastic changes, expect another thrashing and a humiliating defeat at the hands of Delhi Daredevils.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the review, Robin.

I dont think we need to panic. We could afford these three defeats. Whatever happens in the rest of the games we will still be placed 4th after all teams have played 7 games each. I have pointed out before (while we were winning all those games) that PPatel should be treated only as a backup keeper and JSharma should be dropped. Our batting is good. Its a matter of time before we start winning again.

I have a request. Towards the end of this season, can you list some players whom you would like to be in our team next season?

Gaurav said...

i need to know how some of the youngsters in the squad fare. like abhinav mukund, napoleon einstein etc. based on what i saw in the stadium yesterday and believe me watching it live gives you a much better idea of the quality of the player, i dont think aniruddha srikkanth has it in him. it could be he was nervous in his first game but i dont think id pin too many hopes on him. also not viduyt. vidyut is ok as a no.6/no.7 at best.

Unknown said...

@ anonymous,
Yeah.. we could afford these three defeats.. But from the next match on, we have to start winning... if the team did not want to bring any pressure on.. (If Delhi daredevils defeat us tomorrow, we may be pushed out of the fourth position).. As you have suggested, Parthiv Patel and Joginder should be dropped for the next match..

Surely would list the players whom i would like to be in our team next season...

@ gaurav,
From what i heard (not seen) Napoleon is much more talented than Abhinav Mukund.. But Abhinav is a opener.. But both don't have that much first class experience... Regarding Anirudha, we have to wait and see.. What i heard about him is that he is an attacking batsman like his father... (So we can expect a lot of premedidated shots)

yeah.. Vidyut also does not have that many strokes in his books... But his fifty in the first match should count for something... We can also give Shadab Jakati - all rounder from Goa - a try..

Muru said...

We are in the stage of 50:50 to enter into semi. We need to win atleast 04 out of 07 matches. It looks positive Let us hope that we are taking revenge on DDD on 08th.

The last 03 defeats are because of panic in the team. If we win atleast one will gain lot of confidence. As all think the top 03 should do well, indeed we have to send someone who has been proven in the tournament. Yes, Raina & Dhoni are my first choice. Fleming should go to Dhoni's place

The second reason was batting first.
Indeed it gives immense pressure batsman to put high total, where they have to take risk. If it click you win.

I would prefer we should give chance to opponent to take risk.

Anonymous said...

Man, Awesome review. Exactly what they implemented and we are again going to be in winning streak. Good analysis and great way of projecting our super kings. I like your way of analysis and ur english is too gud. Keep going ;) All the best to ur blog and our SUPER KINGS. I want to see our CSK winning the IPL and it gets poted here.