Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Gony - A Loving Husband and A Heart-Broken Parent

Manpreet Gony has impressed one and all by his performance at Indian Premier League. For a novice bowler, who hardly had any first class experience, he has lead the CSK bowling attack with aplomb. Not only that, he has also won a match for Chennai Super Kings with his bat. A man, with a big heart and a great attitude, he surely has a great future before him. Times of India in its article - aptly titled - "The ecstasy and Agony of being MS Gony", reveals his personal side that you will never hear from him again.

A Few Excerpts from the Interview:

"As he stood alone in a Delhi hospital, clutching the lifeless body of his baby, the light seemed to have gone out of his life."

"When a father holds the dead body of his son, the other things in life become insignificant. I was selected to represent PCA in the Buchi Babu meet within seven days of this tragedy. I went as it was my maiden call-up, leaving my wife behind"

"I was frustrated as I was taking wickets in club cricket consistently but was not being considered for selection. I was thinking about leaving but my wife insisted that I should just carry on. Those were hard days"

"I still don't have a job. I used to earn peanuts playing club cricket. My wife sustained the family"

"I snapped all ties with my parents as they were never nice to my wife"

"I want my wife to take the Civil Services entrance test"

News Source: CSK Fan Club

P.S: On reading the personal experiences of players like this, I thanked Modi & Co. for coming up with this concept.

And Thank you, Manpreet Gaur for standing-by Gony during those dark days... Was reminded of the old quote "Behind every successful man, there is a woman". How true!


CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

i have watched his interview in a news channel.. he is really a nice guy.. and his coach said that, he is calm and composed to his game. he never gets frustrated if a batsman hits 4 or 6.. and he will never get overjoy if he picks up a wicket....
thats a great attitude isn't it ?
but in indian team our
SREE SHANT will do all the nonsense

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to tell that CSK are leading the Fair play points tally..chk out this link


Unknown said...

@ praveen,
With the more experience he gets, he could really become a great bowler..

@ Manoharan,
Yeah with the way we are going, we will most probably win the Kingfisher Fair Play award.. :)

Anonymous said...

this is nice and heartening... good find Robin

Thiru Cumaran said...

I read this article yesterday, and I was devastated! I just can't imagine how it feels to hold a lifeless body that would've been your kid! Poor guy! But the fact that he is playing so manfully shows what a strong character he is! The Indian team needs more people like the Gonis rather than some idiot like Sreesanth or Harbhajan!

Wow, Chennai is miles ahead of the rest in the Fair Play award.........GOOD JOB BOYS! :)

Anonymous said...

May he find happiness in life and success in cricket!

Unknown said...

@ scorpicity,

@ Thirucumaran,
With the current lead we have in Fair Play award, I m sure we will win it..

@ aga,
That is what we, CSK fans wish too..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin for linking.

Anyway god bless. Hope he makes to Indian team and his wife clears IAS.