Thursday, 15 May 2008

Fourth Loss...

As Gaurav has already pointed out, we lost to the better player. But all our losses have this characteristic 'individual brilliance' phenomenon.  (Tanvir - Rajasthan Royals, Sehwag - Delhi Dare Devils, Gilchrist - Deccan Chargers and Jayasuria - Mumbai Indians).  Hope our bowlers find a way to contain these flashes of individual brilliance. With this loss, Dhoni & Co. are under a lot of pressure since they now need to win at least 3 matches (if they do not want to depend on the performance of other teams to secure their semifinal berth).



  1. Badrinath & Dhoni: Badrinath and Dhoni continued their good form from the last match and stitched up a good partnership in the lower middle order that laid the base for the competitive score.  This should give confidence to the top order batsmen and let them play much more freely.


  1. Ntini Out: Ntini may not have taken a single wicket in his earlier IPL outings. He may have leaked runs. But he is the senior most fast bowler in the team and deserves a place in the squad. Also Ntini gives a few more bowling options for Chennai Super Kings. For example in today's match, Dhoni did not have any other options other than Morkel and Gony during power play, since other slow bowlers could have been easily taken for a ride by the batsmen.
  2. Murali & Dhoni: Murali may have been assigned the role of containing runs. But he is our major strike bowler and could change a game on his day. But Dhoni tends to bring Murali pretty late in low scoring games. Dhoni could have at least taken a gamble today by bringing on Murali inside the power play.
  3. Fleming & Kapugedera: While Fleming never found his touch in today's match, Kapugedera did not make use of the opportunity given to him. I hope Chennai Super Kings brings in Ntini for Kapugedera since Kapugedera's presence has not made any difference to the team's performance so far.

Now we have to wait and see how Chennai Super Kings perform before the packed Eden Gardens stadium.

Most Valuable CSK Player in the Match: Badrinath


Thiru Cumaran said...

Well, you know, it was just Jayasuriya @ his very best! I've been a big fan of Jayasuriya till recently (when he refused to graciously retire from the SL team) and I was always sure that SL would win if Jayasuriya scored a century (even if it was a round 100). We can't really dwell on anything what happened yesterday (except the performance of Kapugedara, whose performance was useless, to say the least.) because it was just one of those days where even the best bowling couldn't stop him!

However, I would appreciate it if a batsman was put in for Kapugedara because it wouldn't be a very smart idea to have 5 bowlers, esp. when you consider the fact that we don't have a very good top-order!

I think we're due some wins against at least the Chargers and the Royal Challengers, so I don't think its all doom and gloom for Chennai fans yet (unless we win the next two games........God forbid........).

Just admire the brilliance of Jayasuriya, rather than fretting over the bad selections!

Unknown said...

@ thirucumaran,
Yeah.. It was one of those days when Chennai could do anything against Jayasuria.. That is why i have not said anything wrong against the bowlers.. But these individual brillances are taking away the game too much from us..

that is what i m saying.. Ntini for Kapugedera, another batsman for Joginder Sharma/P Amarnath... My only worry is that we have to win the rest 3 matches..

Thiru Cumaran said...

My XI for the next match
1. Fleming
2. Vidyut
3. Raina
4. Badri
5. MSD
6. Morkel
7. Anirudha
8. Murali
9. Gony
10. Amarnath
11. Bala

Basically that would mean
OUT: Kapugedara, Sharma
IN: Anirudha, Amarnath

I feel that this would bee the best XI that we could field for the next match, considering the resources in hand!

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

did anyone noticed ?? whenever palani amarnath plays we are winning. and he is picking up only one wicket but he grabbing a "TRUMP CARD"..

well abt yesterdays match, i haven't watched from when jayasuriya score his 5 six. i know its tuf to get him when he is in the destructive mood.

i hope we will go to semis by winning 3 atleast 2..

as i said i want mumbai to win this match. but not like this. how cruel sanath is. i hate this guy.. thank god he retired from international cricket :)

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

for me playing 11 for next match will be....

1. Patel (gice him a chance)
2. Vidyut (put some runs in 6 ovrs)
3. Raina (be there atleast 8 overs)
4. Badri (continue this form)
5. MSD (nothing to say. he is good)
6. Morkel (put some effort in bowling)
7. Anirudha (grab the chance)
8. Murali ( we need wickets )
9. Gony (maintain good line and length)
10. Ntini (prove it)
11. Bala (do it again)

Anonymous said...

Another loss due to undisciplined bowling. Yes, Jayasurya was at his best, but our power play bowling was pathetic. All his 4s and 6s are from poor deliveries; there were very few scoring shots off good deliveries (and there are very few good deliveries). That’s what better players do best, punish the poor deliveries ruthlessly and make you bowl more of them.

Goni and Morkel should have stuck to basics, “line and length”. “Solluthal yavarkkum elithu”; but they are professionals. Our bowlers let Jayasuriya off the hook in initial overs and never had chance to come back. Dhoni captaincy was not up to the mark today. He should have changed the bowling in power play when Morkel & Goni was being hit.

As Robin and Gourav pointed out, this loss is due to brilliance of one man: Jayasuriya. So our team should leave this behind and move forward. Failures teach more than success. Hope our team learns the lessons. Whether they go to semi or not, they will always have my support. They have played some fantastic cricket so for and hope they continue to play good cricket.

Unknown said...

hey guys m disppointed and worried... Has our chances turned bleak for a semi place?? I dont know but some how I ve started feeling our team is very weak, especially bowling... Why we didnt go for any Indian bowlers like pathan, RP, zaheer and the likes?? None of our Indian bowlers have enough international experience.. Dhoni pl drop that Joginder sharma..

Anyways, what now?? I mean do we stand any chance against KKR, that 2 at their home ground?? After seeing the match between DD and KKR, I am pretty sure the Kolkata crowd is capable of making our youngsters cry :( who dont ve much experience playing against such huge and wild crowd..

So, honestly, no hopes for the next match... then other matches are with RR, DC, BRC...we can just wait n watch...N ofcourse pray for our team..

Our CSK team is giving me a feel like of Team India... when u expect them to do well they will disappoint u like anything and vice versa.. Dhoni do something, please....

Unknown said...

@ thirucumaran,
Ntini is a far better bowler than Amarnath... Remember Smith preferred him & Steyn over Pollock (thus leading to a earlier retirement for Pollock)

@ praveen,
It was really cruel.. I hated to see the match... Also Anirudha is an explosive player who could be handy in the power play.. so sending him lower down the order does not make any sense..

@ vilas,
let us have faith on our team.. Still there is a high probability that we would make the semifinals.. But we have to win both our home matches to give us that chance...

Unknown said...

We have lost a very important match to Mumbai due to some poor captaincy by Dhoni. Jayasuriya deserves full marks for his knock, but its time for Dhoni to take proper calculated judgements instead of jus going by his instincts.Two wrong decisions of batting first cost us dear.

With this loss we have opened up the race for the semifinal berth.Rajastan and Punjab are almost there.Chennai, Delhi,Mumbai and Kolkatta will have to fight it out for the other two spots.

A win in our next game will take us closer to the semi spot. Its time for the team to pull up their socks and keep the fans happy instead of appreciating the opponent at the end of a losing game.WE GOTTA WIN!!

Gaurav said...

dhoni did not win the toss yesterday right ?

yes punjab are basically in the same boat as us and the whole table is entirely open.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

yes still no one is confirmed for the semis. we only talking about the standings and favorites.
but in an interview fleming said "we are looking for two wins" does it mean 16points will be enough to go.. becoz if u put some maths in points table, i think he is right.

P.S : you may ask me, y dont u put the maths and show us the results. i cant...! becoz i am not good enough in any kind of maths :) :)

Anonymous said...

The game against KKR could prove to be crucial. Both Chargers and Challengers will be playing for pride and their individual future value in the IPL for coming years. So they cannot be taken as easy wins. If we win on Sunday, it will move us much closer to clinching a spot, if not we will be battling for the final spot with the rest (and our net run-rate is very poor).

Gaurav said...

yep. i think we should be pretty confident going into the game against the knight riders considering their batting has been terrible in recent times. we only need to ensure we dont let the pressure of the eden crowd get to us.

Anonymous said...

Match against KKR will be tough as they lost terribly to mumbai[67 all out!] and also Akhtar factor will be there + home fingers crossed we gotta win this at all costs. BRC ..written off i think it will be an easy win against them. Beware of DC they will bounce back ...all the matches they lost were too close. RR buoy i dunno we shud keep our cool to beat them. There must be no complacency we have to win all the matches so that we dont have to depend on other teams to help us get thru to semi's. Our Run rate is too poor and all wins must be comprehensive!

Unknown said...

yeah.. we have to win the rest of the matches to make sure we win them.. And I belive with the thrashing that Mumbai Indians gave to Kolkata Knight Riders we can win that game since the batsmaan would be in doubts whether to go after the bowling to keep the wickets intact..