Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Deccan Chargers v Chennai Super Kings - Preview

It has all boiled down to this. Match 54 of DLF IPL 2008 which could decide the fate of Chennai Super Kings, our Chennai Super Kings once and for all - a win here would straightaway put us in the semifinals that too at the No. 3 spot. Defeat would still not mean the end of the road but we would have to rely on a resurgent Bangalore team beating a messy Mumbai the day after.

If we are to hold our destiny in our own hands the task definition is simple - beat Deccan Chargers the team guaranteed to end up at the bottom of the table. When we met them at home earlier, we came up with one of our most disappointing batting shows to concede the advantage and that has kind of put us in the situation we are in today. That win was one of the few high points for the Deccan Chargers. They haven't managed another win in 6 games after that, but Chennai has also been very inconsistent, winning 3 and losing the other 3.

As the table stands Chennai are still in the 4th position with 14 points but face the only challenge from Mumbai who are sixth with 12 and have a game in hand as also a much superior run-rate. The presence of Gilchrist and the law of averages, as also memories of last time's defeat makes tomorrow's game tricky for the Super Kings. Dhoni really needs to be on top of his game to pull it off here.

Super Kings - The batting looks fairly well-settled - possibly Viduyt could come back in place of Abhinav Mukund, the bowling as per Dhoni is also well settled, but problematically completely fell apart in the last game. So the question is whether to stick to this attack or bring in someone out of the blue - Palani Amarnath might not be a bad choice in the situation.

For the Chargers, expect to see Chamara Silva make way for the return of either Afridi or Styris. Ojha, who had tied up Dhoni so well last time is also likely to make a return.

In all seriousness I feel the only man who can stand between Chennai and a semifinals slot is Adam Gilchrist. Get him quick and romp into the semifinals ! Good Luck Chennai !

Revenge Battles
Patel v Vijay (Vijay)
Fleming v Styris (Styris)
Raina v Afridi (Raina)
Raina v Bangar (Bangar)
Badri v Afridi (Afridi)
Dhoni v Ojha (Ojha)
Morkel v Ojha (Morkel)
Gilchrist v Ntini (Gilchrist)
Gilchrist v Morkel (Morkel)
Gibbs v Gony (Gony)


Anonymous said...

"I feel the only man who can stand between Chennai and a semifinals slot is Adam Gilchrist."

Well I guess you have suppressed your feelings! Ever heard or seen what a couple of gentlemen called Herschel Gibbs and Shahid Afridi can do on their day?

Deccan will want to exit on a high note. Get ready for the slaughter and pray that Mumbai lose their last game.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

Chennai Chennai Super kings.... please do it for us.. dont want to see mumbai's match. do it today. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Arjune said...

drramadossisgay, i wonder what is the joy you get by being so blatantly negative. Why should the gentlemen, who have not opened up in the last 13 games, open up against chennai??

Obviously hyderabad would have wanted to start their IPL campaign on a winning note.. When they failed that, i dont know of any reason why they want to end it on a winning note?? Afterall, they will be at the bottom of the table, no matter what...

So lets hope it would be a good contest... If at all chennai wants to go to the semis, they have to win and go. Not by wishing some other team do it for them...
Best of luck CSK.. Go out there and show what you can do...

Unknown said...

Hey dhoni's finger has still not healed completely.. no wonder he is not among runs.. GOD pl answer our prayers... MSD do something... Win in this match will give them huge confidence boost.. I have this feeling if we win today then noone wud be able to stop us from winning the trophy!! :)) But wil we win today...

@drramadossisgay: if u dont like CSK then pl dont come here and write. I have bben reading ur comments for last few days and u are blatantly against CSK.. Just chill.. If u cant support or appreciate pl dont discourage or criticise any team

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

For Dhoni, this game will be the test of his leadership ability. he wont loose.

Mr. drrama******ay, please shut ur mouth.

Anonymous said...

bowling is the problem for csk. I think big hitters like Dhoni, Morkal should come early. No use holding the m back.

Gopalakrishnan C said...

As usual, a good and a realistic analysis. The need of the hour is some counselling and advice to bowlers from the captain and the coach.
Do not charge-up, do not aim to bowl the fastest delivery. Bowl just short of Good length or yorker balls. In the match agaist rajasthan, our bowlers-without exception- bowled superb short pitch deliveries.

Another advice- Dhoni should come 4 or 5 down. He takes two or three overs to settle down, and these two overs play havoc and put pressure on the Batsmen coming later.

Hope, Fleming/Parthiv/ Vidyut/ Badri/Morkel/ Dhoni all click with the bat. May be we can afford to miss Nitini and have Palani in his place. Excepting against Kolkotha, Nitini has not contributed much to our game.

Anonymous said...

Chennai are in the semi-finals !!!
today, the bowling was very good but the batting can be better