Saturday, 24 May 2008

Chennai Superkings vs Rajasthan Royals - Preview

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On May 4, in the sands of the Rajasthan desert, a different kind of storm struck. It was in the form of a tiny left-arm fast bowler with a weird action running through the top order of the Chennai Super Kings with a force and guile unmatched. Tomorrow, the battle will resume - the storm will be eager to rebound with a bang - in its path it has destroyed other cities too - and now when it blows down South to Chennai can Dhoni's warriors show the strength to hold their own against it ?

It was around this time that Rajasthan made the leap to the top of the table - and they have managed to hold on to that spot ever since. That was also when Chennai themselves relinquished control over top spot and have been more or less at No. 3 ever since. Rajasthan will be itching to stay on top of course, and continue their momentum. Expect a battle in which fire is fought by fire when these two proud teams take to the field.

Chennai: Does Parthiv get another chance ? Will Dhoni be fit enough to keep wickets ? Will we get our batting order right ? And more importantly will the batsmen be able to show some sense and cool unlike last time ?

Rajasthan: It seems like everything that Warne touches will turn to gold. If he asks any random player, young or old, Indian or foreign, to do a job for him, the player will do it. What will be interesting is to see how he actually sustains the momentun - and how long can he do it ? After all winning 9 out of your 11 matches should take its toll. It is worth noting that the one match in they failed against Mumbai they did not get a start and lost wickets at regular intervals. We would do well to pick up some hint here. Yusuf Pathan is a major threat. Then of course there is the magician Warne himself - who had completely baffled MSD last time around, and the tiny left-armer Sohail Tanvir.

Revenge Battles
Tanvir v Parthiv
Tanvir v Fleming
Tanvir v Vidyut
Munaf v Raina
Trivedi v Raina
Watson v Badri
Warne v Dhoni
Tanvir v Morkel
Warne v Morkel
Asnodkar v Gony
Asnodkar v VIdyut
Yusuf v Murali
Yusuf v Vidyut
Watson v Vidyut

Note: Tomorrow will be my last day in Chennai. I have had a most memorable stay in Chennai. I shall of course continue to support the Chennai Super Kings after I leave. Today I will be at the stadium for one last time to support my team ! Thanks Chennai ! Go Super Kings !


Thiru Cumaran said...

I dunno, I'm keeping my hopes high, but doesn't really look like we have a chance of winning this (and even winning in the semis if we go thru, considering that we'll deffo be fourth and the Royals will be first, which means another showdown), but we all have to pray that Delhi lose tonight to let us go thru even without a win today (or against the Chargers)!

Anonymous said...

LOSERS! They should rename themselves - CHENNAI SUCKING

Anonymous said...

delhi won today so we must win against the deccan chargers on the 27th to be alive
excellent batting against the jaipur but the bowling was very bad

Murali said...

Yorker Yorker Yorker Yorker Yorker
Yorker Yorker Yorker Yorker Yorker
Yorker..Keep bowling this in the nets..

Batsmens: Start - Make a good start(keep wickets), Middle - Keep the scoreboard ticking, try for atleast one boundary on over(keep wickets), Slog - Go for the Kill.

Captain(Dhoni): They have a game plan for you, you should how to tackle and counter-attack

Wessels: Work out the strength and weakness of your opponenet, Analyze our resources and prepare a game plan..

I doubt any of this is happening with the team, they are just goin and playing.

Fielding: Needs to be more aggressive and keep backing up the bowler

Ofcourse they are the professionals and they know much more than this. But sometimes simple things are often ignored or forgotten

And I dont know anything else as I am one of those millions fans who hope to see his Chennai team do well.