Friday, 9 May 2008

Chennai Super Kings Vs Punjab XI Kings - Match Preview

Two Kings in Indian Premier League are going to meet for the second time tomorrow. While Punjab Kings are on a great winning roll, Chennai Super Kings rediscovered their winning streak in the last match.

I am sure Punjab Kings' bowlers will remember the thrashing they got from Hussey & Co. So they will be aching to settle the scores this time around. Even Chennai Super Kings' bowlers would be looking forward to provide a good performance for their side, after their poor outing against Delhi Daredevils.

Our Team:
Tomorrow is going to be the final of the five back-to-back matches of Chennai Super Kings. So you can expect our team to be little tired and jaded on the field after having crisscrossed the country for the matches. Batsmen would be on a high after their good performance. You can expect them to continue their good form. Dhoni would also be under pressure to prove that the victory against Delhi Daredevils was not a one-time fluke.

With their five continuous wins, we can expect the current table toppers Punjab XI Kings coming here with a lot of confidence. Sreesanth has been bowling with a lot of vigour after the slap gate controversy. So he would be looking forward to this match. If the pitch provides any assistance to the bowlers, Punjab XI Kings bowlers would be able to explore it better than Chennai Super Kings' bowlers.

Most Dangerous Players:
1. Shaun Marsh: Son of the great Australian cricketer has been in great form, right from the day he has set foot on India. So his and Sangakkara's wicket would be the most prized ones.
2. Irfan Pathan: One of the leading wicket takers of the tournament. He has the abilities to pick wickets and to contain batsmen. How Fleming and Vidyut handles him & Sreesanth would decide the match.

Royal Contests:
1. Chawla Vs Dhoni: Dhoni's secret weapon would be bowling against him. I am pretty much sure this would be a enthralling contest especially since Warne won the contest between batsman Dhoni and bowler Warne.
2. Sri Lanka Vs Sri Lanka: You can also expect the contest between Murali and his Srilankan Counterparts in Punjab XI Kings to be interesting.

Favourites: It is tough to pick the favourite. But the home ground advantage surely favors the Chennai Super Kings.


CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

same strategy. win toss, field first (field well). reduce them to 160. in batting use the powerplay.. dont loose too many wickets. and win :) thats it .

Gaurav said...

i am keenly looking forward to dhoni taking on his own bowlers - sreesanth pathan and chawla.

particularly sreesanth. lets see if sreesanth shows any aggression against his captain and if so how dhoni responds.

Ramesh Subramanian said...

Actually Sanga is doubtful, as he is still recovering from his injury.

Unknown said...

@ Praveen,
Yeah... Hope the same strategy works this time too...

@ gaurav,
Me too looking forward for that contest..

@ ramesh,
Yeah.. now only read that sanga is doubtful.. That is surely good news for Chennai Super Kings..

Danesh said...

Yay! Another great win against one of the best teams in the competition. Balaji is the man of the moment; the Chennai Super King. Badrinath, Dhoni and Raina led the foundation with some great batting and Balaji sealed the contest.

I was nervous till Pathan was around but after him, it was all over. CSK is well and truly back on track!