Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Chennai Super Kings Vs Deccan Chargers - Match Preview

Two teams that are equally determined to win a game will meet today at M. A. Chidambaram Stadium. While one team lurks at the bottom of the table, the other side has slipped from its top position. Since both the teams rely more on their batting firepower rather than their bowling, we can expect a cracker of a contest today.


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Most Dangerous Players:

  1. Gilchrist: As Gilchrist showed in the match against Mumbai Indians, he can annihilate any attack on his day.
  2. Afridi: Though he could be as dangerous as Gilchrist on his day(which are rare), it is his bowling that worries me the most.

Royal Contests:

  • Gilchrist Vs Ntini: In the last two matches, Ntini was bowling with a lot of heart. So expect the face-off between these quality players, who would like to change their respective team's losing streak.


Ramesh Subramanian said...

I see you have stopped dishing out your predictions. It just reflects how apprehensive we are after two consecutive losses. Its sad, in a sense.

Anyways, If we are to win this game we need to do the following:

1. Parthiv has been given a long rope for sure. Try out Anirudh or Abhinav, before its too late.

2. We need to have a batting order, in which the roles are clearly defined. May be, stick with it for a couple of games even if it fails, rather than taking any knee jerk actions.

3. Dhoni, don't win the toss and blindly say batting. Access the conditions. Dhoni did a poor job at accessing the conditions at Jaipur. He not only lost the surprise element by asking RR to bowl first (they would have bowled even if they had won the toss... that has been their strategy & Warne did say they would do it), but also put our depleted batting lineup (w/o haydos & Mr. cricket) first in on a bouncy wicket with some swing. Moreover the team batting first always has the pressure of trying to score a 180+ total. That said Dhoni can still choose to bat if the conditions favor such a move.

4. Improve the fielding. And don't give extras.

5. Given the star studded line up DC, they may have to come good one day or another. So, please don't be complacent that we are up against the team that is at the bottom of the table. Gilly & co. can take the game away from us even before you know it. Sort of what Shewag did to us the other day.

All the Best CSK! Go CSK!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Dhoni is so blind in batting first. Also he alwaays says our bowling is weak. But with Ntini, Albie Morkel, Murali and young Gony , CSK now have a very good bowling attack.

Gaurav said...

thats what i noticed too, you didn't make any predictions. in any case i think today shouldn't be so much of a problem becoz hyderabad's bowling is much weaker than that of delhi or jaipur. so our strong batting should come to the fore. unless gilchrist dishes out something like the world cup final standards, we should have a win here.

Naga said...

It is true that Dhoni blindly opts to bat after winning the toss ( It wirked wonders for him in the T20 World Cup). He needs to assess the pitch conditions before taking the call on the toss.

DC is a strong team which is capable of beating any team on its day.

If you have a look at the tournament so far, teams whose openers play a big part have managed to score victories. Same was with our case till the 'run machine' Matthew Hayden left. Opening needs to be strong and its high time Fleming comes good.

Really looking forward today's game. Hope Chennai Super Kings reign supreme.


CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

my 2 cents :
first drop the "golden arm guy" joginder sharma. everyone will laugh @ him whenever he comes to bowl. i agree his economy is good. but coming back to attitude he is not the right guy for dhonis chennai.. bring back L.Balaji. he has done really well in domestic circuit. and he is eager to rock in his home town, home ground.. he is also a handy batsman, who can hit 6 from a 155kmph ball.

what say guys ??

drop joginder

Unknown said...

@ ramesh subramanian,
Yeah.. I did not do the predictions.. But in the last few matches, my predictions were way off the mark... So i m rethinking whether i have to do them for the future matches..

Regarding your points..

1. I agree
2. Yeah.. that is what we are doing wrong.. For example that Dhoni said he said to openers just before the start that Sohail Tanvir will be bowling inswingers.. But.. this should be discussed in the team meeting and not informed in a pep talk.. Also nobody is assigned the role of staying until the last over...

3. Putting to bat first is a strategy Dhoni took upon in the T20 world cup.. which worked for him.. so he is blindly following it here.. I also think it is time for a rethink..

4. I think we need a fielding + bowling coach in the team..

5. Yeah. I m sure complacency won't be a factor tonight.. since the team has not even spared a minute to come out for an interview.. But still if Gilchrist or Afridi fires, it will be tough for CSK to win the match..

@ Hari,
Ntini is a strike bowler... But he can leak runs too.. while Morkel's bowling has been pretty average until now.. Gony's inexperience is haunting him.. So only our bowling is not that great... But under a intelligent captain they could be made to look like a world-class bowlers.. So a lot depends on Dhoni in getting the best of them..

I too hope that we have a easy win.. But still looking at the number of match winners in the Hyderabad squad, it will be tough to predict..

@ Naga,
I agree that our top three is not strong which is really hurting us.. I hope that either Parthiv or Vidyut is brought lower down the order so that our top three would be Fleming, Vidyut/Parthiv & Raina.. which is a strong top three... We have to wait and see to decide what Dhoni is doing today..

Unknown said...

@ Praveen,
I also think Joginder is slowly losing the confidence of his captain.. Remember Dhoni did not give the ball to Joginder in the match against Rajasthan Royals...

If Balaji is fit, i don't think anybody would have any doubts on replacing Joginder.. Also Balaji is still a risk... Because we don't know how he will perform with his change in action, etc...

Muru said...

Joginder & Parthiv should be benched today. More opportunities to be given to local players as they know the pitch conditions better.

Fleming, vidyut should go back and Badrinath & Suresh Raina open the innings.

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

u never know when the BOOM "afridi" BOOM will fire... remember that chennai pitch is always good for batsmans.. especially big hitters.. watch out for afridi and gilly today. i am sure someone is gonna rock the chennai and chennai is gonna face another storm tonight after shewag's.

coming back to todays match i dont think there will be a team change. but definitely change in the batting order..
if we lose todays match i think then only there will be a new comer for the side. its for sure.

can anyone know how many points needed to go to semis..

che eppadi iruntha team ippadi aayidiche.. "enna koduma sir ithu"

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

to be frank; by seeing hyderabad team dhoni might say this "yaen da oru thaayilla poochiya poatu intha adi adicha"...

from hyderabad these are RDX.. some maybe out of form; but remember "Form is Temporary Class is Permanent".


but for us...
Parthiv.. everybody can play shots... but the main thing is partnership, good start blazing end in final five overs... thats it we can win the match, and WE WILL WIN TODAY.

Unknown said...

@ Muru,
I don't know whether Parthiv & Joginder would be benched.. But if Parthiv did not perform today, expect him to be benched for the next match..

@ praveen,
For entering semifinals, a team has to win a minimum or 8 or 9 matches.. So if we win another 4 or 5 matches, we will be there..

Me too hope that we win the match today..

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

who is the admin for this site??
you really deserved appreciation. not for single point.
1. registering chennaisuperkings in blogspot before anyone does.
2. posting the topics match analysis is really good.
3. and we getting replies for our post.
4. i have posted a post in delhi dare devils forums.. but till now there was no one to replied.. no page views for those posts. it really sucks.
5. admin keep up ur great work. i am sure this is not gonna end this season. this site is getting up day by day. and as far as IPL and chennai super kings is here the fans will also be here. so keep on updating and maintaining our chennaisuperkings blogspot.

Chennai Super Kings

Anonymous said...

balaji:chennai super kings always rule the match

Unknown said...

@ praveen,
Thanks for the kind words.. Me and Gaurav are the contributors to this blog..

will surely try to keep up the site in the future(that is future seasons) too..

Anonymous said...

Guys time Parthiv is made to sit on the bench and fetch water so that he realises the need to perform.He nevers attempts to learn despite his young age.

Sori RAM said...

I am distressed by the way CSK's performance is turning out to be... Most of the time, I hate anyone smashing our bowler's amazing deliveries (even if it had been another Indian)


Unknown said...

@ pk ramakrishnan,
I also suggest the same.. It is time Parthiv Patel is made to sit on the bench...

@ sori ram,
yeah.. me too is pretty sad on seeing CSK losing.. BTW.. sorr ram is surely a funny name.. :)