Sunday, 18 May 2008

Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders - Preview

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This is going to be a big game for both teams. While the winner won't necessarily be a certainty (esp. if it is Kolkata) for the semifinals, and the loser won't necessarily be out of contention (esp, if it is Chennai), the fact is that the balance will shift by a big margin depending on the outcome.

The biggest thing that Kolkata have going for them is the Eden Gardens factor. I think along with Shoaib it was the single most important reason for their win the other night against Delhi. The weakest link for them is their pathetic batting lineup and Chennai need to exploit this like Mumbai did yesterday.

For Kolkata Ganguly is the only hope as far as batting is concerned, maybe the odd innings by Hussey. I think it will be prudent to include a technically sound player like Taibu and bench the completely unimpressive Hafeez. The bowling however looks very good - maybe Agarkar will miss out again, and the spinner will get a chance given the nature of the Kolkata wicket.

So what can Chennai do ? Fleming's form continues to remain a worry. Should he be persisted with now that there are only 4 more games in the league to go ? Should he be allowed to come in at 3 or 4 ? Should Kapugedara be pushed up to open ? Will Raina finally play a defining knock ? Will Badri and Dhoni be able to continue their good run. The so-called strong batting is the main worry, though the bowling, as widely known, is thin. Is it worth it to bring back Ntini and sacrifise a batsman like Kapugedara ? All very interesting questions.

Revenge Battles
Ganguly v Joginder - Joginder dismissed Ganguly last time for a low score
Saha v Gony - Gony was hit but got Saha in the end
Saha v Amarnath - (if Amarnath plays), Saha got stuck into him last time
Hussey v Amarnath - Amarnath got him first ball last time
Hafeez v Amarnath - Another player that Amarnath got the better of
Shukla v Joginder
Agarkar v Patel
Shukla, Kartik v Dhoni


Unknown said...

If we bowl first, the chances of CSK winning the match is quite high... But if we bat first, then there is a 50:50 chance, especially considering the huge Eden garden crowd..

I still feel Fleming has to be continued since i don't think any other replacement openers could do a better job than him... And watch out for Raina...

Thiru Cumaran said...

Have some big xms on tuesday and haven't finished studying but i'm gonna sacrifice it all to watch the match tonight........just hope that CSK doesn't disappoint!

Like you said, Robin, we have a better chance if we chase rather than setting a target! Just hope at least the toss goes our way! :)

Gaurav said...

actually i disagree with both of you. i think chasing will be tougher becoz the crowd really gets behind the kolkata team when they are fielding second.

anyway robin, looking forward to your detailed preview, i only did a brief one.

Thiru Cumaran said...

Actually, chasing seems to be ezier in T20s mainly due to the fact that the team can pace their innings according to the target. Whereas, when batting first, the team may get worried as to whether they are scoring fast enough and may go for unnecessary big hits, which may result in a low total than they are capable of !

Unknown said...

@ gaurav,
why i feel bowling first is better is because of the KKR batsman who would not have yet recovered from their low score at Mumbai.. So they would be in double minds.. If we bowl first, we could easily exploit that..

- Robin

Unknown said...

@ gaurav,
also.. your preview is good and detailed enough that my preview would be a mere repetition of what you have written.. Good preview.. Gaurav..

Gaurav said...

Thanks, robin, but I haven't ventured a bold prediction like you usually do :)

Gaurav said...

kolkata have won the toss - and chosen to bat. so you guys got your wish - and dhonidoes not have to make a hard decision !

Anonymous said...

anyway we managed to remain in top4 in the table..let us continue and reach the semi's
one thing is we should consider someone for parthiv's position!!!

Thiru Cumaran said...


Danesh said...

We won on D/L but a win is a win nevertheless. I guess we can breathe easy now and play relaxed.

I was annoyed to see Parthiv come out to bat but in the end he seems to have done a good job.

Unknown said...

@ Danesh,
In a two paced pitch, I am sure Parthiv Patel could do much better than Anirudha or Vidyut.. But if the pitch is a batting beauty, I would prefer them...

Danesh said...

@ robin: I guess you what you are saying is right. I thought he (Parthiv) handled Shoaib pretty well.