Wednesday, 7 May 2008

3 Defeats in a Row...

Today's game was our third defeat in a row. Bottom four teams would be looking to seize this opportunity provided by Chennai Super Kings. And Cricket Commentators have started writing our team off.

What do you think the team should do to reverse this losing streak???


Ramesh Subramanian said...

Before the game I had said there are 5 things we must do if we are to win the match. Now we have lost the match, let see how we faired on those 5 points:

1. I thought parthiv has been given a long rope and I thought he needed to sit out. Anirudh or Abhinav must get the chance – that they did (Anirudh got a chance), but at the cost of Vidyut! What a shocker?! I am sorry to say this, but some one must have lost his bearings to take such an awful decision! Parthiv Patel who has played all the matches so far, as batsmen hasn’t managed to go past 21 at a dismal average of 15, some how escapes the axe. But Vidyut who scored a half century facing one of the better bowling attacks (dehli) on his debut, gets axed after a bad performance against RR, against which the whole team struggled except Morkel. Can someone inject some sense in here?

If Dhoni had wanted to give Parthiv another chance that’s a different story, but to axe Vidyut but retain Parthiv defies all logic! Moreover Parthiv is no Sehwag/gilly who in spite of failures can win you a match single handedly!

To add insult to injury Anirudh too failed. This his first match, so I don’t think we can read much into it.

2. I said we need to have a batting order with purpose. Playing Parthiv also messed up our batting order.

As we have seen from all the IPL matches a good start is so important for a batting team to win the match. After all we have got only 20 overs, a bad start invariably means a bad game.

Look at our Top 3: Parthiv, who has disappointed us big time. Fleming is still finding his feet in T20. And finally, Anirudh, who was playing his debut IPL match. That leaves us with a very weak top order. A sure shot formula for disaster – and disaster it was, as all the three where is the dugouts before I could find myself a comfortable position in my couch.

We need someone to attack at the top, sending Morkel up there won’t be a bad idea if he is up to it. Earlier with Hadyos, things were in safe hands, not anymore and it shouldn’t be so for long. Raina must come one down.

3. My next point was about wining the toss & the decision to blindly bat first. Dhoni, didn’t have the luxury of choosing to bat or bowl. We had to bat, but what Dhoni said at the toss is strange. He said CSK can afford to bat first for a few more matches even if it isn't exactly working out! What nonsense? How can you do something that you aren’t sure of? Had he said we would have batted first because the conditions are in our favor of the decision it’s a different story, but this is just unbelievable.

Dhoni rather seems to back his instincts too much. I still remember his answer to why Manoj tiwary was given a game down under, within a day of him landing there. He said he gave him a chance because his instinct said so! Yes, some of Dhoni’s instinctive decisions have paid of like Jogi bowling the last over. Yes, players rely on instincts while deciding on what to do with a ball. But captaining a side requires planning more than raw instinct.

Not that Dhoni is a bad captain, but this seems to an apparent flaw.

4. We did have some good fielding performances and some not so good ones, There is still scope for improvement.

5. My last point was about being complacent. I don’t know whether CSK where complacent, I would rather say we where outplayed. But Raina & Bhadrinadh lost their wickets in a really soft manner. Especially, Badrinath going after a wide ball & playing it in the air, was an unwanted risk considering the situation we were in.

Match after match we are showing more signs of cracks, which is bad. And unfortunately some bad piece captaincy from Dhoni is adding up to our misery. Hope Dhoni sorts it out sooner.

this not to say we are losing only bcos of Dhoni, but he is also a reason.

Its time to sit down, at the drawing board and plan things out the next time they play DD, they are no walkover.

And BTW, awesome batting from Morkel & a good show by Goni... keep it up guys... :)

Danesh said...

The top 3 are not firing at all. In my opinion, the batting order should be
S. Raina
Parthiv Patel

Gaurav said...

i would say fleming is a class player and will come good soon. parthiv is a bit of a question mark but to be honest he has the best domestic record out of all other options that we have. wonder if thats why dhoni is persisting with him ? im sorry but i dont have much faith in vidyut or anirudh. i would like to know if anyone has any knowledge about the other local players - abhinav mukund, napoleon einstein etc. do any of them look good ?

badrinath to me looks nervous and hence he is throwing his wicket away. he needs to be told that along with fleming and raina he is the core of the batting lineup. that will give him confidence. luckily we have some breathing space to allow fleming to find form. but he better do so fast now.

Anonymous said...

@danesh, you idea seems reasonable but ppatel at no. 5 before dhoni is a shocker. also imgine ppatel trying to hit the ball out of the park when the field is spread out (no way can he be good at the end of an innings). so if ppatel plays he has to be in the top 3 to make best use of him, which is why we should not pick him as a batsman.

@ramesh, sending morkel/dhoni up the order is a tempting option. however i feel they are excellent finishers of the innings. both of them have the ability to hit yorkers out of the park. so i would like them to bat in the middle. i would recommend trying anirudh and vidyut as openers; their job will be to go after the bowling;

*in no particular order

will be my batting order.

Unknown said...

I feel dhoni needs a break.. he looks very tired... he has been playing cricket non-stop whereas all others have got break in some way or the other either in ODI (ganguly, dravid, sehwag) or tests (yuvi, robin, rohoit). The last 4 or 5 tournaments have been very tough. And we all know being captain of the indian cricket team is very exhaustive and tiring.. Dhoni also accepted it in match against BRC that it gets mentally very tiring..

Also he is not getting any help from his teammates, his batting is also not that aggressive.. overall i feel he is not in his true element.. i mean i was surprised to see a defensive field placements.. remember he used to have attacking field against Aussies in their home ground..

i know ppl wil say he is getting paid for it but it becomes very tough to excel when ur mind is tired..

Murali said...

It was shocking to watch on a TV show, our Muralidharan was telling that "we dont have any game plan again the rajasthan royals", whereas Warne had publicly told that they have a game plan for Dhoni and his men (And they did have)

For me, this CSK teams attitude seems to be the real problem. No top player seem to be worried or analyzing the defeats. Dhoni sounded more over confident than being cool on those speech during presenation ceremony. I could see that he is struggling to show a cool face to maintain his image as cool captain.

Now that there is a huge fan following for the team, not just because of the big names in the team, but its "Enge Area" Chennai's.

So Mr.Vessels and Dhoni, change ur attitude towards the team.

Warne had showen absence of big names is not an excuse of loosing.

We are not complaining on any single defeat but appearing casual after three successive loss is a real crime.

Murali said...

my batting order is

Parthiv Patel
Yoginder Sharma

Unknown said...

It is very disappointing CSK losing 3 matches in a row, the problem should be sorted out and they should win the remaining matches and win the cup see how Punjab came into form after 2 defeat in first and now DC got 2 win in a row so like this CSK should resume their victory with next match with DD so best of luck pls guys cheerup and win the game for us


CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

will we win against DD... will we go to the semis by winning 5 out of 7. its really a tough task for CSK if they haven't done some changes..

we cant blame dhoni.. whether it is a gully cricket or international cricket... its really tough if top order fails and its hard to get back on to the road.. i think from here we cant lose.. becoz everyone knows their reponsibility..

and its just 3 loses, but the saddest thing is, we got it back to back.. see if we are in the situation like deccan chargers are now in.. we may not even watched any of the IPL matches. they got 5 loses. we have dravid and ganguly to lift us :) :) :) .. and we will take revenge jaipur and DDevils..

after all its just Cricket.

out of topic :
how CSKings affected my normal work....
1. am leaving my office early
2. Not even picks-drops my sweet heart
3. No internet browsing in nights.
4. No New DVD's
5. No weekend specials.

what about others ??

Anonymous said...

we need to kick out parthiv and fleming now , both are kuppais
i dunno ,what the fuk is dhoni doing , just go and slap that idiot for letting us down and spoiling the name of chennai .....

the best batting line up

1. Albie morkel
2. Badrinath
3. Suresh Raina
4. Vidyuth Sivaramkrishnan
5. Dhoni ( dhoni can come at no 4 also )
6.Joginder sharma
7. einstein ( hes a young allrounder)
8. Amarnath
10 .Muralathiran
11. Ntini

if this batting order is followd , iam sure Csk will have more runs on board .................

we need to pick more allrounders ,almost all teams have 8 bowlers , csk lacks it

so better kick out the kuppais first from the csk team .

This is the best team , if formed ,we can win all of the 7 matches easily doubt abut it

can dhoni the fool do this now ??

Anonymous said...

a message to dhoni

please dont spoil the name of chennai city by losing all matches

if u cant win , please get out of the team

we need full overhaul of this waste team and restore the pride of chennai

Anonymous said...

its not chennai super kings

the new name is chennai super kuppais

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

hey man..! control urself.. its a public site.. dont use words just like that.
as i already said we just lost 3.. and the saddest thing is we got it WWWWLLL deccan chargers and bangalore got 5 loses.
we are in safest side we have 4 wins...

after all its just cricket

Viswanathan said...

Have faith guys. we will prevail.:)

CSK_FOR_LIFE said...

as Ottayan said...
Me too have faith in our team... those who dont have that, just leave

Gaurav said...

thats right, dont panic. i have trust in dhoni. he will work it out.

Murali said...

I can understand you guys, the last 3 matches, we rush home to just see the pathetic condition of CSK. Its a real disappointment after that good start.

But lets not discourage the team by using harsh words.

If the dont take these losses serious and try to change things in the coming matches, the best option for us would be supporting some other team, just thinking chennai team never exists :-)

Unknown said...

I don't see how Kepler Wessels is helping the team... Just the attitude that the team is not making any specific plans for the opposite batsman or bowler does not bode well for the job he is doing..

I think the team prefers sending Parthiv with Fleming.. since it puts opposite team's bowlers out of balance.. needing to vary length for the openers.. But with Parthiv Patel not in good form, i think it is time he is either removed or send down the order...

We will see how they perform against Delhi Daredevils.. But expecting a win against Delhi Daredevils at Delhi is surely a tough ask..