Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Welcoming Gaurav

You all might know Gaurav Kannade, who wrote the first guest post on this blog. A great narrator, he now joins the Chennai Super Kings Fansite team as an author. So you might hear a lot of his analysis and thoughts regarding Chennai Super Kings and IPL in general on this blog.

About Gaurav:

Gaurav is a Computer graduate student in a college in U.S. He is on a 4-month visit to Chennai as a visiting student to the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. These 4 months and a few matches at Chepauk Stadium is enough to turn him to a Chennai Super Kings fan. He candidly accepts that he also loves the place and the city. [Treasured words since they are coming from a person who is not a Tamil].

If you are a cricket lover, do subscribe to his blog - Cricket's Outside Edge

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