Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Team Dynamics

Many unsuccessful organizations stand as a proof that poor Group Dynamics leads to failure of an organization. Even cricket is not free from this. While a poor Team Dynamics hampers the prospect of the team(eg. India's first round exit from World Cup 2007), a great team  spirit adds that extra competitiveness to the team. Today's match between Rajastan Royals and Punjab XI Kings clearly illustrated that. While Warne's squad played as a single unit, Yuvraj was not able to command his troops properly.

Indian Premier League

Team Dynamics assumes a critical place for Indian Premier League since it brings together stars from different countries in a single team. The franchise that manages to bring these individuals as a single team surely start as a favourite. This is where teams with experienced/charismatic captains - Kolkata Knight Riders, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Chennai Super Kings have a huge advantage over others. These captains knew how to bring a team together and make them function as a single unit, both on and off the field.

Chennai Super Kings

This was precisely the reason for my fears when Dhoni did not get to spend quality time with the Chennai Super Kings Squad before the first match. Thanks to Hussey's ton, it did not cause too many problems. But team dynamics would be the key for our match against the talented Mumbai Indians. With so much talent on both the teams, the team dynamics could well be the difference.


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