Saturday, 26 April 2008

Pepsi - Dhoni Ad Sucks

While Titan Sonata built a beautiful ad campaign around Chennai Super Kings using Dhoni, Pepsi does a bad job around the same concept.

The ad tries to reaffirm the old stereotype of Tamil, whose English accent is different,. still hold by many people in North and Central India.

Pepsi! Your Ad Campaign sucks.. and it is sure to hurt the Tamil sentiments and Chennai Super Kings fans. 


Danesh said...

It likes a poor copy of the ICL Chennai Superstars ad

Robin said...

@ Danesh,
Yeah.. It is a poor copy and in bad taste..

Senthil said...

i liked the was funny and i dont think its of bad taste...i loved it infact

Anonymous said...

i think south indians speak very good
the funny part is THAT they are secessionists tribals :p (no offence)