Friday, 18 April 2008

IPL Extravaganza All Set to Begin

The day we have waited is finally upon us. From today on, we will know whether this extravagant T20 tournament will fizzle out or generate IPL mania. Right from ICC heads to ordinary cricket fans would keep their fingers crossed, waiting to see how this 42 day tournament is going to affect the cricket world.

So far so good. All the televeision channels and newspapers have nothing else to talk about. IPL is dominating the Google's Hot trend of the day. IPL Wikipedia page had more than 14,000 page views two days back. All pointing out to a single thing. Buzz created around the game. Now it is time for the cricket to justify this buzz.

Chennai Super Kings
But we the Chennai Super Kings fans have nothing to worry about, our team has started their practice yesterday at Chandigarh. V B Chandrasekhar reports that everything is going good and that both Kepler Wessels and senior stars are spending a lot of time with the youngsters. Most importantly, the team is gradually getting knit into a fighting unit as the players prepared themselves for their Indian Premier League opening fixture against Kings XI, Punjab, on Saturday.

So Chennai Super Kings rock on!

P.S: Can't stop myself from posting this. Check out the cheerleaders from Washington redskins who will be present for the inaugural match.

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