Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Goodbye Hayden, Hussey & Oram

A Letter from a Chennai Super Kings Fan

Hi Hayden, Hussey and Oram,

         Thanks for the amazing roles you have played in each of the CSK's wins so far. You have proved that you are worth every penny that Chennai Super Kings paid for you. [may be even more]. It was on your performances that Chennai Super Kings won all these matches.

Dear Hayden,

    Your presence at the top of the batting order was the factor that made Chennai Super Kings' batting the strongest in the competition. Your booming drives and powerful shots made every opposition bowler go for cover.  But we are most thankful for the way, you & Hussey ensured that one of you lasted the entire innings.  Though new players are coming into the team in your absence, you can never be replaced.

Dear Hussey,

    I have to say this "You have won yourself another fan(Me) during your stay here". Seeing you play made me understand why 'Mr. Cricket' is the perfect nickname for you. You showcase everything good about cricket. A professional, you always put the team needs before personal glory. Hope the younger players in the team learn commitment and professionalism from you. While Hayden can never be replaced, it is you, we will miss the most.

Dear Oram,

     Thanks to Hayden and Hussey, we never got to see the towering sixes that you are known for. But still, you understood your role as a bowler and came back strongly in the third and fourth match. But it was your mere presence in the lower middle order that added the touch of invincibility to our batting order. Hope we get to see more of your batting and bowling next year. It is you we await the most.


Good bye Hayden, Hussey & Oram. Chennai Super Kings Fans would really miss you all. And do keep in touch with your CSK team mates and share your wisdom. And all the best for your upcoming tours.


Anonymous said...

SF will replace hayden; morkel will replace oram; vidyut (ind) will replace hussey (foreign) [so we can bring in Ntini (foreign)]; thats my guess.
what will be the playing 11 for the next game?

1. SFlemming
2. SVidyut
3. SRaina*
4. SBadri*
5. MSDhoni*
6. AMorkel*
7. PPatel (though I want some other hard hitting batsman here)
8. PAmarnath+
9. MMurali
10. MGoni
11. MNtini

* in no particular order
+ i am sure JSharma will play instead of PA; but i feel PA is better than JS.

let me know what your 11 would be

Unknown said...

@ Anonmyous,

1. Fleming
2. Vidyut
3. Raina
4. Badri [even if 2 wickets has fallen in less than 12 overs]
5. Dhoni
6. Morkel
7. Patel
8. Joginder
9. Goni
10. Ntini
11. Murali

PA may be a better bowler than Joginder.. But Joginder's all round abilities + intelligence while bowling + experience makes me choose me.. But choosing them should depend on the pitch..

It is better to decide the fate of Patel after Delhi daredevils match since we will be facing quality bowlers and if he has class Parthiv will show that.. otherwise time to show him out of XI.. since his fielding is also below par..

Anyway.. I will be writing a post on it tomorrow..