Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings Website Rocks!!!

On seeing Chennai Super Kings Official Website for the first time, I thought that though the Design was not great, it should suffice. But on seeing the other IPL teams' websites, I am satisfied that Chennai Super Kings have done a wonderful job with their website and it is surely the best of the lot. Even Aditya Ramgopal, who did a survey on all the websites, agrees with this opinion.



One thing that Google has shown to the rest of the world wide web is that Simple and Neat design always rocks. This is much more important for Indian websites since most of us are still using dial-up connections and even our Broad Band is ultra-slow. But Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Dare Devils forgot this and made their websites loaded with flash and videos that suck up the bandwidth. Just by its simplicity, Chennai Super Kings scores over Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders



Creativity lies in coming with simple, elegant and attractive designs that does not suck up bandwidth. Though, Rajastan Royals have come up with an elegant design, the website looks so professional that most of its fans would mistake the website for a corporate website rather than the website of a sports club. The web layouts and colour combinations of websites of  Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab does not seem right. But the worst of the lot is the website designed for Bangalore Royal Challengers. Right from the prominence given to Vijay Mallaya in the website to the red-yellow colour combination makes you doubt whether this is the company that comes up with Kingfisher Calendar.


But the downside for Chennai Super Kings' website is that it is still not fully operational. Hopefully, all the links and sections of  CSK website would start working soon.

P.S: Mumbai Indians still does not have an official website.


Anonymous said...

You must start it up with Wordpress. Not blogger. You are an early entrant into setting up fan blogs, so buy your domain and hosting and run it on Wordpress. Take my advice, it's worth every bit. And you get more flexibility with WP.

Cheers on your site, Go Super Kings!

Unknown said...

@ Aditya,
yeah.. i understand that.. But being some one who has not yet started earning means you have to depend on parents' money for setting up a domain.. [which i m unwilling to do].. Anyway.. we will see how things turn out..

iplguide said...

Hi Robin, I like the Rajasthan Royals website the best and Hyderabad Deccan Chargers next. CSK and KKR come after that. Mumbai Indians - well, first a lousy name - no imagaination at all and now no website. What's going on? I know they have the resources to simply crush all the opposition but right now, they are lagging way behind.

Ken Macklin said...

Amazing marketing from all teams except Mumbai Indians, Cant blame them for being lethargic ... However, I am looking forward to the theme songs of other teams after seeing KKR , pretty good stuff so far :) CSK should be a good one too after all penned by Vairumuthu

Unknown said...

@ iplguide,
Yeah.. Rajastan Royal website looks very professional.. and Deccan chargers has too many things in their home page which impacts its look..

@ Kenny Kan-Maan,
Me too hoping that CSK theme song would be good.. expected to come out this week..

ashi.kacheria said...

i really agree with you. i jus saw this video where sharukh khan says that akshay kumar is the real daredevil. i really doubt it. i think these are all games played by them. chek out the video

Unknown said...

I dont know whether it was staged or not... But what difference doest that make..

Lakshmi Narayan said...

Hi, Any Idea when Chennai Super Kings releasing its Merchandise? T-Shirts, Training Jerseys, Caps!!!!

Unknown said...

@ Lakshimi Narayan,
I dont know.. But i think it will available during the matches..

Unknown said...

hi, this is suganya. chennai super kings is really really rocks. and dhoni is the only hero of cricket i think. such a beautiful team and captain.