Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings Officially Launched

Sorry for not updating immediately about the official launch of Chennai Super Kings. But all the surprising news in Chennai Super Kings official launching ceremony - 4 new players and Aircel as the main sponsor were already revealed in this blog. Still there were a few things that made me happy.

Dhoni Serious about Chennai Super Kings

With Dhoni's multiple responsibilities as one day captain, Batsman and wicketkeeper, I was a bit worried on how serious Dhoni will be about Chennai Super Kings in Indian Premier League Cricket. These doubts were also aided by the fact that Dhoni has never spoken in public about Chennai Super Kings.

So V.B. Chandrasekhar's revelation that,

"Dhoni was very serious and had already thought out the team combination and how to go about playing in the tournament. We are looking at playing serious cricket and he seemed the perfect man for it"

was surely a great relief for me. Also Chennai Management team and Dhoni putting their relationship on strong footing was also a pleasant news. [India Times reveals that CSK management and Dhoni had at least one 'excellent' meeting]


The glittering ceremony also provided a number of opportunities for great photos. You can check out the photos here.

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