Friday, 25 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings and Nayanthara part ways

Nayanthara-VijayToday's press release from Chennai Super Kings had a shocking news for the fans of Nayanthara. Much to their surprise, they learnt that Chennai Super Kings has sacked Nayanthara.

Reason for Firing

Gurunath Meiyappan (AVM), the son-in-law of India Cements MD told

“As Nayanthara is unable to meet the commitments of regular match appearances, the team has now decided to go with a single star ambassador and from now Mr Vijay will be the sole brand ambassador for CSK. We are planning to shoot the promotional video with Vijay and Dhoni this week”.

Gurunath also added that when Nayanthara signed the contract it was made clear that she should make an appearance in all the seven CSK matches which were to be held in Chennai. But she did not honour her commitment, and so her contract was being terminated.

Nayanthara Shocked:

  Nayanthara, in her interview to Sify, says that she is yet to recover from that shock. But she affirms that

Whether I am the star ambassador or not, I love cricket and I am a firm believer in the sportsman spirit. Chennai has given me everything in life and CSK is my team. I will cheer for them and wish Dhoni and his boys all the best.

My Take:

Nayanthara may have broken the contract by not attending the first match due to her sickness. Her presence may not be needed now since the Chennai crowd is already behind the team. But Nayanthara surely adds a glamour quotient and would be a huge asset to the team. So CSK management, Please don't terminate her contract.


Anonymous said...

Nayantara's claim is that she was sick. These are not verified. My guess is she might have been sick, but not sick enough to give it a miss. She must have just bunked it.

So, I am all for kicking N out. Hope Vijay gets the boot soon. And then the cheer leaders.

Viswanathan said...

Damn shame!