Monday, 21 April 2008

Buy Tickets Online

The much awaited online ticket sales for the IPL matches at Chennai has started. The tickets for the matches on April 23 and April 26 are available on the official website. But you need to possess a Visa or Master Credit card to buy a ticket. A convenience fee of 2.5% of the ticket price would be charged for the tickets purchased online. Visit the Official Website for more details.

Bulk Booking

For Bulk or Group booking, you can email with contact details, match date, stand and no of tickets required.

For all queries on online ticketing, you can call (044) 24242424 between 10 AM and 5 PM on week days


P.S: Early reports indicate that the daily ticket sales are not so brisk. And the tickets for all the stands are still available.


Anonymous said...


PLS DONT BELIEVE THIS.....if u still do not BELIEVE call 044-24242424

Unknown said...

@ Anonmyous,
the website is working fine now..

Anonymous said...

Good info... hopefully I wopuld be free from work to catch my first t2o action live.

Unknown said...

When the Tickets are issued for Chennai vs Hyderabad Match (May 6th)

Unknown said...

@ siva,
I don't know the current date.. But my first daily ticket release, i predict that it would be open a week before... If you want to know the information once it is released, either visit this blog regularly or subscribe by RSS or email(easier option)...

- Robin

Anonymous said...

Any body Wants 26th Match Ticket for A - Stand, one ticket available pls contact 9884432927
Rs. 1000 (Counter Rate)

Unknown said...

@ anonymous,
Try the orkut fan communities.. there a few people there asking for tickets to tomorrow's match..