Monday, 28 April 2008

Bangalore Royal Challengers Vs Chennai Super Kings - Match Preview

This is going to be a very interesting match. One team has won all the matches and would try to keep their momentum going. The other team lies in the bottom of the table and would try to score their first win before their home crowd. Chennai Super Kings, which started its IPL campaign with a simple strategy of winning all the first four matches, is going on the right track. While Bangalore Royal Challengers, plagued by injuries to their major bowlers, are still not able to find the right combination.

While Dhoni is not expected to change his playing eleven, Dravid would be breaking his head on whom to play and whom to leave among the foreign imports (Kallis, Boucher, Steyn, Misbah-ul-Haq, Cameron White, Ross Taylor, Chandrapaul, Abdur Razzak). Dravid would also be determined to show that he could adapt his batting style to T20 cricket. If they get their act together, Bangalore royal challengers could challenge any team. Otherwise it will be another boring one sided game.

 Bangalore Royal Challengers IPL Logo Vs Chennai_Super_Kings_IPL_Logo

Most Dangerous Players(MDP): 

  • Steyn: With the world's second best strike rate, he is the most dangerous player in the Bangalore Royal Challengers squad. He is the kind of player who either gets 2 wickets or gets hit for 40 runs. Hope Hayden and Hussey are able to negate Steyn's initial overs.
  • Misbah-ul-Haq: Pakistan's T20 hero. He could be their key player if BRC bats second
  • Ross Taylor or Cameron White: Two Players who have got the potential to win the match for BRC single handedly.

Royal Contests:

  • Dhoni Vs Kumble: Will Dhoni hit Kumble for sixes? or Will Kumble bamboozle Dhoni with the tricks in his bag? We have to wait and see.
  • Kannada Crowd Vs Tamil Crowd: I hope this does not happen. At least a few Tamils from Bangalore would be turning out to support their team - Chennai Super Kings. How Kannada crowds are going to react to them is anybody's guess. With the recent Hogennakal dispute lurking on back ground, I hope it does not turn ugly in the stands.

My Prediction: Chennai Super Kings win set up by a fine innings from Michael Hussey

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Gaurav said...

Are we going to have the services of Hayden and Hussey ? i thought they were leaving !!! That is great then ! Then this is virtually a no-contest !

I agree Steyn is the danger man esp if BRC bat first and put up a decent total.

I doubt if the rivalry will be as special as it usually is in a Karnataka - Tamil Nadu game because Chennai team has a totally different look and has players from all over. Bangalore relatively has more local players.

Anonymous said...

@ Gaurav,
Yeah... For the trio - Hayden, Hussey and Oram, this is going to be the final match, so expecting fireworks from them..

Yeah.. Rivalry among players won't be that much since there are not many TN players in CSK squad.. But what i worry about is that, there will be more or less support for both the teams in the crowd.. i am just hoping that no brawl breaks in the crowd..

- Robin