Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Goodbye Hayden, Hussey & Oram

A Letter from a Chennai Super Kings Fan

Hi Hayden, Hussey and Oram,

         Thanks for the amazing roles you have played in each of the CSK's wins so far. You have proved that you are worth every penny that Chennai Super Kings paid for you. [may be even more]. It was on your performances that Chennai Super Kings won all these matches.

Dear Hayden,

    Your presence at the top of the batting order was the factor that made Chennai Super Kings' batting the strongest in the competition. Your booming drives and powerful shots made every opposition bowler go for cover.  But we are most thankful for the way, you & Hussey ensured that one of you lasted the entire innings.  Though new players are coming into the team in your absence, you can never be replaced.

Dear Hussey,

    I have to say this "You have won yourself another fan(Me) during your stay here". Seeing you play made me understand why 'Mr. Cricket' is the perfect nickname for you. You showcase everything good about cricket. A professional, you always put the team needs before personal glory. Hope the younger players in the team learn commitment and professionalism from you. While Hayden can never be replaced, it is you, we will miss the most.

Dear Oram,

     Thanks to Hayden and Hussey, we never got to see the towering sixes that you are known for. But still, you understood your role as a bowler and came back strongly in the third and fourth match. But it was your mere presence in the lower middle order that added the touch of invincibility to our batting order. Hope we get to see more of your batting and bowling next year. It is you we await the most.


Good bye Hayden, Hussey & Oram. Chennai Super Kings Fans would really miss you all. And do keep in touch with your CSK team mates and share your wisdom. And all the best for your upcoming tours.

Thank you Readers/CSK Fans

In less than 75 days of its birth, this blog has hit 100 RSS subscribers. No mean achievement, considering that this number is achieved by a non-tech blog. This stands as a proof for the immense support for Chennai Super Kings. So, a Big Thank You for all the readers and subscribers for this blog. You have made this site the leading blog/fansite for Chennai Super kings fans.

RSS Subscribership for Chennai Super Kings Fans

Not only the RSS subscribers, but even the page views has been quite high for a such a young blog. (More than 10,000 visits in this 74 days)

Welcoming Gaurav

You all might know Gaurav Kannade, who wrote the first guest post on this blog. A great narrator, he now joins the Chennai Super Kings Fansite team as an author. So you might hear a lot of his analysis and thoughts regarding Chennai Super Kings and IPL in general on this blog.

About Gaurav:

Gaurav is a Computer graduate student in a college in U.S. He is on a 4-month visit to Chennai as a visiting student to the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. These 4 months and a few matches at Chepauk Stadium is enough to turn him to a Chennai Super Kings fan. He candidly accepts that he also loves the place and the city. [Treasured words since they are coming from a person who is not a Tamil].

If you are a cricket lover, do subscribe to his blog - Cricket's Outside Edge

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

More Brand Ambassadors for Chennai Super Kings

Immediately after Nayanthara was sacked from her role as brand ambassador, rumours about her replacement started to fly around. Indiaglitz reported that it was going to be Trisha. But Gurunath Meiyappan quashed all these rumours today. Not one but two celebrities are going to replace Nayantara.

Kollywood actor Arya joins Chennai Super Kings' Brand Ambassador team & Soundarya Rajinikanth, the second daughter of Tamil Super Star Rajnikanth

Upcoming actor Arya and Super Star Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya have offered their services for Chennai Super Kings. While Arya's role(daredevil stunts) in the forthcoming matches involving CSK has been informed, Soundarya's role has been kept secret. But I am expecting Soundarya. who is known for her graphic designing skills, to come up with a promotional animation for the team.

Thanks to the immense support for Chennai Super Kings in Tamil Nadu and team's great performance on the field, an association with Chennai Super Kings gives immense publicity for the individual. So Tamil film stars are queuing up to endorse Chennai Super Kings. Anyway, Arya and Soundarya Rajinikanth! Welcome on board.

 News Source: Economic Times

A Victory from Jaws of Defeat

Bangalore Royal Challengers Vs Chennai Super Kings - Match Review

As Oram mentioned in his post match interview, this match would be the match to remember among the first four matches. While Dhoni's onslaught in the last two overs helped Chennai Super Kings reach a competitive total, our medium pacers' magical bowling in the last five or six overs ensured a victory... while we were staring at a comprehensive defeat.

As I predicted, Hussey came up with a very professional innings but what I liked about his performance today was the commitment he showed on the field. He saved at least 6 to 10 runs and most importantly, held on to important catches. Dhoni, as usual, was cool as a captain - explosive as a batsman and led the team to victory.



  1. Medium Pacers: Though our medium pacers may not have a world class reputation, they have shown that they can still win matches. A fine performance especially in the final five or six overs ensured the win against Bangalore Royal Challengers. Manpreet Gony deserves a special mention. An unknown bowler with a little first class experience, he has become one of the tournament's leading wicket takers. [Thank you Bhupinder Singh for the recommendation about this young lad]
  2. Joginder Sharma - Dhoni's final over specialist: Another final over in a crunch situation. Another victory. It is not only his charm or luck, but also his intelligence that is setting up these wins. In today's match, he has to be congratulated for taking the key wicket of Kallis that started the slide.
  3. Raina's Form: Whenever Raina has come on to bat in the IPL, he has been in fine nick. With the departure of Hayden and Hussey, he may well become the key player for Chennai Super Kings.


  1. Problem of Plenty: Even though we won the match today, I still believe leaving Murali out of the squad is a great mistake. Luckily Murali's absence did not cost the game for us. My term for these selection mistakes among IPL captains  - "Problem of Plenty".
  2. Catches Win Matches: This may be an old saying but it still holds true. If the earlier opportunities given by Jaffer had been caught, we may have had an easier win. Hope Kepler Wessels would be giving catching drills in the practice session tomorrow.
  3. Too Much Work: It is the first time that I heard Dhoni talking about the tiresome  and lonely job as a captain. He was talking about the amount of thinking the job entitles. As a Indian team captain, Dhoni is well assisted by a vice captain and a few senior players. Hope a similar structure is created in Chennai Super Kings team too. Announcing Stephen Fleming as Vice-Captain of Chennai Super Kings would be a nice step in the right direction.
  4. Parthiv, the fielder: He is slowly becoming a liability in the field and most of the times Dhoni is forced to hide him rather than position him in the field. Hope his fielding improves sooner rather than later.

Monday, 28 April 2008

A Tale of Two Cities

Cross-posted on Outside Edge - A World Cricket Blog

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It was July, last year. I was coming off a painful period in life, when the whole World seemed against me. I arrived in Bangalore for a three month internship. I fell in love with the city immediately. Bangalore literally recalled me to life. I owe a lot to the city and my stay there.

The period was pretty much like the present. I landed in Chennai earlier this year. I was to spend a semester as a visiting student at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. It wasn’t quite love at first sight. Chennai taught me a lot, and I am richer for the experience. I remain indebted to this city for that.

Bangalore was truly my first home away from home – a wonderful experience. The city was amazingly free, a wonderful cosmopolitan place where I enjoyed the good life. Chennai seems to be more conservative but very friendly and more personal. Here, I am really enjoying getting to know the local people and their way of life. Bangalore was explored on a bike, Chennai in trains.

So when these two lovely cities go head to head in the IPL clash this evening, I have more than a minor conflict of emotions in my heart. I know that for the locals this is a needling rivalry and I have friends on both sides who wouldn’t really like me sitting on the fence over this one.

Picking up the cricket connection I have reason to support Bangalore, as Rahul Dravid my most favorite cricketer ever, is leading the side. But the cricket loving people of Chennai have endeared this place to me. My forays at the Chepauk for the test match and the IPL games have left indelible memories of the place. I guess when the curtain lifts on this blockbuster clash – I’m going to have to say “Go Super Kings!”

Bangalore Royal Challengers Vs Chennai Super Kings - Match Preview

This is going to be a very interesting match. One team has won all the matches and would try to keep their momentum going. The other team lies in the bottom of the table and would try to score their first win before their home crowd. Chennai Super Kings, which started its IPL campaign with a simple strategy of winning all the first four matches, is going on the right track. While Bangalore Royal Challengers, plagued by injuries to their major bowlers, are still not able to find the right combination.

While Dhoni is not expected to change his playing eleven, Dravid would be breaking his head on whom to play and whom to leave among the foreign imports (Kallis, Boucher, Steyn, Misbah-ul-Haq, Cameron White, Ross Taylor, Chandrapaul, Abdur Razzak). Dravid would also be determined to show that he could adapt his batting style to T20 cricket. If they get their act together, Bangalore royal challengers could challenge any team. Otherwise it will be another boring one sided game.

 Bangalore Royal Challengers IPL Logo Vs Chennai_Super_Kings_IPL_Logo

Most Dangerous Players(MDP): 

  • Steyn: With the world's second best strike rate, he is the most dangerous player in the Bangalore Royal Challengers squad. He is the kind of player who either gets 2 wickets or gets hit for 40 runs. Hope Hayden and Hussey are able to negate Steyn's initial overs.
  • Misbah-ul-Haq: Pakistan's T20 hero. He could be their key player if BRC bats second
  • Ross Taylor or Cameron White: Two Players who have got the potential to win the match for BRC single handedly.

Royal Contests:

  • Dhoni Vs Kumble: Will Dhoni hit Kumble for sixes? or Will Kumble bamboozle Dhoni with the tricks in his bag? We have to wait and see.
  • Kannada Crowd Vs Tamil Crowd: I hope this does not happen. At least a few Tamils from Bangalore would be turning out to support their team - Chennai Super Kings. How Kannada crowds are going to react to them is anybody's guess. With the recent Hogennakal dispute lurking on back ground, I hope it does not turn ugly in the stands.

My Prediction: Chennai Super Kings win set up by a fine innings from Michael Hussey

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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Good (K)Night Kolkata

The Biggest Crowds

So far, I had been lucky to be able to travel in largely empty, comfortable trains to and from the stadium. All that changed today, with the infrequent afternoon local train being crammed with an ocean of humanity in a narrow pipeline bursting at the seams. There were cricket fans, of course, flocking in large numbers to attend the “big game” but there were also non-cricket-fans, notably a group of young girls, extremely annoyed with the unexpected hardships in travel they were subjected to. Initially, I was quite thrilled by the rush, for, what is the experience of train travel in an Indian metro if not one defined by one such? Later, however, it got a bit irksome, as I discovered I was being acted upon by several external unbalanced forces, made to undergo random Brownian motion over which I could exert no control. In all the chaos, I was most concerned about guarding my Ray-Ban glasses and more importantly, my match ticket. Luckily, I managed both. Such chaos continued out of the train onto the platform and all the way till I entered the stands, where, luckily things were more orderly.

Up Close

As earlier, the Chennai Super Kings were going through their warm-ups close to our stand. Stephen Fleming was so close he could have virtually heard any whisper in the crowds. Fleming’s is an awesome presence – watching him on TV all these years, did not give me the true picture of how tall he actually is. Of course, Ishant seems actually taller and he too made his way towards us during their practice. Besides, Ravi Shastri also passed by a couple of times, he went past the stands somewhere and I could have literally shaken hands with him through the fence if I wanted to. And then there was the large Zimbabwean Pommie Mbangwa, who, quite astonishingly looks even more deadly up close than on TV with his flashy hair locks.

The Game

As was speculated, Shah Rukh Khan did not make an appearance at the game. Perhaps, he knew his superstar status would have competition here in the South, unlike in the rest of the country. Perhaps he feared that the Chennai team was going to be too strong for his Knight Riders anyway and he stayed away. Perhaps he was simply busy with something else. Anyway, he did send over a couple of his giant 10-feet tall knights (the mascots) over.

Like he did to Steve Waugh in that famous 2001 tour, Ganguly chose to keep Dhoni waiting at the toss too. I must say, it is a most annoying and unsportsmanlike gesture. Back then, I had joined the rest of the Indian fans and applauded it as a masterstroke. But sitting in the stands I appreciate that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth if both captains do not walk out for the toss together.

As the game began, McCullum’s massive six hit the roof of our stand just a few meters away from where I was sitting, it was a phenomenal stroke but soon after that he got out and then Ponting followed; and that was the beginning of what was to be an extremely one-sided game.

The Lights

I have now been at the Chepauk for day games and night games but today was the first time I was there in day-night game, so to say; and I had the pleasure to see the lights turning on. They follow a very systematic pattern - it is the two central columns which light up first, starting with the top row and going down to the bottom. Then the adjacent columns light up and so it spreads outwards. Llike almost any other landscape in the World, a cricket stadium looks its prettiest at twilight; when illuminated partly by nature and partly by man. It was in this light that Parthiv Patel hooked a short ball from Ajit Agarkar up in the air right into the hands of Ishant Sharma in the deep, one whose trajectory I am happy to say I followed from start to end.


Lastly, I was honored to have the opportunity to shake legs to the beats of the living legend Sivamani. This guy is absolutely amazing. I already mentioned the fact that he moves around the stadium with his drums so that all sections of the crowd can enjoy him. But what I noticed yesterday was that he also plays while he is on the move and his assistant is carrying the drums for him. Besides a great percussionist the guy is also a magnificent showman as I discovered and has the ability to carry the crowds with him. When he parked himself at our stand and beat the drums for our dancing pleasure, I focused on the way his hands moved the sticks.

It was as graceful and subtle as a very skilled batsman with a bat in his hand.

Unfortunately the cricket today was all about brute force and lacked that grace and beauty.

Ticket Bookings Open for the Next 3 Matches

Ticket Bookings for the next 3 matches

May 2  - Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Daredevils

May 6  - Chennai Super Kings Vs Deccan Chargers

May 10- Chennai Super Kings Vs King's XI Punjab

will be opening tomorrow(April 28). As usual, tickets would be available at TNCA counters, M. A. Chidambaram Stadium - 9 AM to 1 PM & 2 PM to 6 PM. Tickets will also be available at Landmark centres at Nungambakkam, Spencer Plaza and Citi Centre.

Though the direct ticket sales start only tomorrow, online booking has already started. So if you are planning to attend these matches, rush now to official website and book your seats.

What a match!!!

The match that was billed by many as the 'blockbuster of the tournament', turned out to be a damn squib, thanks to some excellent bowling by Chennai Super Kings. As I predicted in the match preview between CSK and KKR, Oram came good with his ball. He was surely the star of the match, taking the key wickets of McCullum and Ponting of successive deliveries and was rightly awarded 'Man of the Match' trophy. Murali and Co. made sure that Kolkata Knight never came back from that set back.


  1. Bowler's Win: Great thing about this win is that bowlers were behind it. After receiving a mauling from the opposition batsmen in the last two matches, this win should surely give a boost to their confidence.
  2. Bowling with Purpose: In the last match review, I wrote about how each batsman understood the situation and batted accordingly. This time around, each bowler bowled with a purpose. They had a plan in the mind on how to bowl and where to bowl. For e.g. Oram's Plan - “My plan was to keep it tight and choke them so that they will make mistakes”
  3. Murali: This man never stops amazing me. He knows he is the major strike bowler for the team. He understands that the team's prospects are dependent on him. And he responded wonderfully in this match. Murali is going to be our biggest (foreign) asset since he is going to play all the matches.


There are not much negatives to write about since we had such a perfect outing. But I somehow feel that Parthiv Patel as an opener is like a fish out of water. He does not suit the role. With Hayden, Hussey and Oram leaving the squad after the next match, I just hope that Parthiv is restored to a middle order position and an opener (Vidyut/Anirudha) is brought into the eleven.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Pepsi - Dhoni Ad Sucks

While Titan Sonata built a beautiful ad campaign around Chennai Super Kings using Dhoni, Pepsi does a bad job around the same concept.

The ad tries to reaffirm the old stereotype of Tamil, whose English accent is different,. still hold by many people in North and Central India.

Pepsi! Your Ad Campaign sucks.. and it is sure to hurt the Tamil sentiments and Chennai Super Kings fans. 

Chennai Super Kings Vs Kolkata Knight Riders - Match Preview

  • Captain Dhoni Vs Captain Ganguly
  • Kollywood Star Vijay Vs Bollywood Star Shahrukh Khan
  • Hayden Vs Ishant Sharma
  • Muralitharan Vs Ponting & Ganguly
  • Jacob Oram Vs Brendon McCullum
  • Hussey Vs Hussey

Chennai_Super_Kings_IPL_Logo  Vs Kolkata Knight Riders IPL Logo

These are the battles to look out for, in today's match. Though the other battles looks interesting, I believe the contest between CSK's top order (Hayden & Co.) and Ishant Sharma would be the key one and will ultimately decide the winner of the match. Even Dhoni agrees with this view, in his column in cricketnext. My instincts also tell me that Oram would come good with his ball and bat tomorrow. [Surprisingly, he has been having a quite series so far]

While our batting lineup is surely stronger than Kolkata Knight riders' batting lineup, Ishant Sharma's form makes Kolkata Knight riders' bowling much stronger and more dangerous. That is why, it is important that Hayden & Co negate the thereat posed by Ishant Sharma. If his threat is negated, then expect another huge score or easy run chase from Chennai Super Kings. If we bat first, Muralitharan's bowling against Ganguly and Ponting could be the key moment. I also expect our team to play as a single unit tomorrow with team spirit and passion.

My Prediction: Chennai Super Kings would win by a small margin.

Dhoni drives around Chennai at Night

Mahendra Singh Dhoni loves Chennai Dhoni in his column on cricketnext, confesses that it was great to have back to back wins. He claims that the bonding within the team was great. Most importantly for Chennai Super Kings fans, he confesses he loves riding on his motorbike around Chennai. [If you spot him riding his motorbike on night, do mail me @, I will surely post it]. Dhoni also said his vocabulary now includes the Tamil words 'ille', 'thambi' and 'anna'.

But what I liked most about his column is identifying the key issue for today's match against Kolkata Knight riders

"The battle that could decide the result of the encounter is between the pace bowlers of the Knight Riders and our top order. If Hayden takes on Ishant Sharma and company, we will do well."

Bulls Eye Dhoni.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings and Nayanthara part ways

Nayanthara-VijayToday's press release from Chennai Super Kings had a shocking news for the fans of Nayanthara. Much to their surprise, they learnt that Chennai Super Kings has sacked Nayanthara.

Reason for Firing

Gurunath Meiyappan (AVM), the son-in-law of India Cements MD told

“As Nayanthara is unable to meet the commitments of regular match appearances, the team has now decided to go with a single star ambassador and from now Mr Vijay will be the sole brand ambassador for CSK. We are planning to shoot the promotional video with Vijay and Dhoni this week”.

Gurunath also added that when Nayanthara signed the contract it was made clear that she should make an appearance in all the seven CSK matches which were to be held in Chennai. But she did not honour her commitment, and so her contract was being terminated.

Nayanthara Shocked:

  Nayanthara, in her interview to Sify, says that she is yet to recover from that shock. But she affirms that

Whether I am the star ambassador or not, I love cricket and I am a firm believer in the sportsman spirit. Chennai has given me everything in life and CSK is my team. I will cheer for them and wish Dhoni and his boys all the best.

My Take:

Nayanthara may have broken the contract by not attending the first match due to her sickness. Her presence may not be needed now since the Chennai crowd is already behind the team. But Nayanthara surely adds a glamour quotient and would be a huge asset to the team. So CSK management, Please don't terminate her contract.

Fleming IN Anirudha OUT

Stephen Fleming The inclusion of Stephen Fleming in the squad, replacing Anirudha Srikkanth, has set the rumour mills churning on whether Stephen Fleming would be included in the squad.

Changes in XI

If Fleming is going to play, we could expect 2 or 3 changes in the squad accompanying it. With the four overseas player rule, Fleming would be replacing Oram. (Since replacing Hussey or Hayden or Murali is pure madness). If so, we could expect one of the Indian batsman(probably Parthiv Patel) to be replaced by a bowler (probably R Ashwin or Shadab Jakati). But bringing Fleming into the squad makes sense, since he could easily counter the threat posed by Ishant Sharma. But my instinct says that Oram, if given an opportunity, would come good with the ball and bat in the match.

Badrinath - Press Conference:

Also it was good to see Badrinath given an opportunity to meet the press today. He was pretty confident and was unfazed by the prospects of facing up to Ishant. “He can bowl only four overs and I will be playing my natural game when I face him,” was the reply when asked about approach for the match.

Squad for Kolkata Knight riders Match

The 16 member squad for the Saturday's match against Kolkata Knight riders was announced today.


  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain)
  • Matthew Hayden
  • Parthiv Patel
  • Mike Hussey
  • Stephen Fleming
  • Jacob Oram
  • Suresh Raina
  • Muttiah Muralitharan
  • Joginder Sharma
  • Subramaniam Badrinath
  • Palani Amarnath
  • Vidyut
  • R Ashwin
  • Manpreet Singh Gony
  • Shadab Jakati
  • KB Arun Karthik

It was good to see Anirudha Srikkanth being replaced by Stephen Fleming since the presence of Anirudha Srikkanth was giving fodder to the claims of nepotism in the squad. Critics cited the selection of Anirudha, an Under -19 player ahead of U-19 World cup players - Einstein and Mukund as nepotism. [Anirudha was not selected for U-19 World Cup Squad]

IPL Rocks Chennai

Guest Post: In this post, Gaurav from Cricket's Outside Edge writes his experience of watching the first Indian Premier League Match at Chennai Super Kings' Home ground.

The IPL Party finally arrived at Chennai yesterday – the last of its eight stops all around the country. I had returned to Chennai only the day before and presumed that I was too late to join in. Tickets, it seemed, had sold like hot cakes and I had resigned myself to watching the game on the TV in the hostel room.

With the match scheduled to start at 8 PM, I set out with some vague plan after 5. I had been told by sources that the best chance of picking up tickets at this late hour would be at one of the Landmark bookstores in the city. I tried and failed. Faced with the choice of returning home and taking a chance at the stadium, most likely on a black ticket, I opted for the latter without much hope.

Even before getting off from the train at the Chepauk station, the floodlights from the stadium stared right into my eyes. It was an awe-inspiring sight. I had seen the same light towers day in and day out when I was there for the test match, but at night, the towers are a completely different spectacle. By the time I detrained, and joined in the thronging crowds I was welcomed by the loud music that was doing the rounds inside. The ticket counter was surprisingly still open. Anxiously, I asked for the ticket and I could scarcely believe my luck as the old man calmly told me to hand over Rs. 1000 and tore out one. For the second time in a month, completely unexpectedly, and hence unprepared, I found myself walking through the gates of the Cognizant stand and into the Chidambaram stadium. I had done the right thing by taking the chance.

Though there was still more than a hour and a half to go for the game, the players were already on the field doing their warm-ups, the crowd was already sizeable and the entertainment show was on full blast. This was my first time at any live sport event played at night and the spectacle is awesome! The lush green outfield blends beautifully with the blue of the Mumbai Indians and of course, the yellow of the Chennai Super Kings. Once I was in my seat I tried to figure out who the performer was. Luckily the stage was right opposite to our stand; yet it was too far away to identify the people. Then I vaguely remembered reading somewhere that it was Hariharan who was supposed to be the artist today. Later of course they showed him on the big screen. I haven't been following that guy's music too closely but it seems he is projecting himself as more than a musician, more like some sort of a rock-star and he did some dance moves that appeared a bit scary, to be polite. His music was good though and he mixed Tamil numbers with Hindi ones – notable among those I remembered were "Kay Zala?" and "Krishna".

The crowd was understandably, quite different from the test match crowd a month ago. It was very young, very vibrant crowd, mainly of teenagers and people in their early twenties. And it was a completely festive atmosphere with everyone partying their hearts out, dancing and singing. There was ample amount of cheering and applause for players from both teams as well as for the entertainers. And in the middle of it all suddenly everyone went crazy and I couldn't understand why – and later realized it was Vijay, the super star of South India and the Star Ambassador of the Super Kings who did the rounds of the ground.

Once Hariharan was done with his show some time before the toss, Sivamani, the famous Tamil percussionist took over with his drums. He was great – throughout the Chennai innings he stirred up the crowds with his beats and moved all around the perimeter of the ground so that all sections got a chance to soak him in. Dance and music was the theme of the night and for once, a purist like me, did not crib about cricket being only a part of the whole. If you have been watching IPL on TV thinking it is big, you haven't seen anything yet. You have just got to go out there in the stadium to feel what passion, what heat this thing has generated all over young India.

As the game began and Chennai Super Kings batted each boundary was greeted with a new piece of music from Sivamani and others, and the crowds rose to his beats and tunes. There were cheerleaders, yes, of both camps; and the poor gals and guys of the Mumbai Indians got very few chances to cheer during the Chennai innings. But we loved their anthem and some of their numbers. In fact I could relate more to some of the Mumbai numbers because naturally I was unaware of some of the super-hit Tamil numbers that had the rest jumping from their seats and me a bit confused. The weird part though was that the cheerleaders were fully clad in trousers perhaps bearing in mind the relatively conservative culture of Chennai. I mean what next? Cheerleading with sweaters on in this heat?

Coming to the cricket, I can now appreciate how difficult it is to catch those high catches under lights. Several times looking straight up into the lights I completely lost the ball. Yet several wonderful catches were taken – notably by Bravo, Joginder, Raina and Badrinath. We cheered Hayden as one of our own yet he didn't really show much appreciation after reaching his 50. The stroke play on either side was spectacular – Raina for Chennai and Bravo, Jayasuriya, Uthappa, Nayar and Bhajji from Mumbai. The new fast bowler Gony from Chennai was most impressive. He was bowling away from us and I could feel the weight his ball generated troubling the top players like Jayasuriya. I also noticed Harbhajan completely lost as a captain and towards the end of the innings Jayasuriya was taking the lead helping him out adjusting the field and swapping fielders.

As the match reached a climax, the crowd tensed up just a little bit. It was an open game with three balls to go but somehow with Dhoni on our side I never believed we could lose. It was oh so similar to the T20 World Cup final with Joginder messing up at the start before holding his nerve to win. It was a massive roar and a collective sigh of relief that followed the win. It had been an amazing game and an astonishing spectacle of cricket and one grand party. To make it even more special the presentation lasted beyond midnight which meant it was Sachin Tendulkar's birthday. There were several attempts to attract attention to this fact and that we remembered it by the crowd, unfortunately Tony Cozier during his presentation didn't quite lap it up and I don't know if Sachin received our wishes. Of course, he was cheered all the time he made an appearance on the big screen.

The Indian Premier League like a Super hit Bollywood (or Kollywood) movie has enjoyed a grand opening. I hope it can sustain this success because it is just great. It has managed to harness the passion and energy of a whole generation of Indians. There is no reason to believe why it can't go on to match the Premier Leagues of football in Europe. I want to be there again when Chennai take on Kolkata on Saturday. I want to be part of the phenomenon of this cricket revolution. The party has only begun. There are going to be many more such wild and glorious nights to follow. Cheers!


About the author: Gaurav Kanade, on a 4-month visit to Chennai as a visiting student to the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, is a Computer Science graduate student from US. He candidly accepts that he loves the place and the city. [Treasured words since they are coming from a person who is not a Tamil]. If you are a cricket lover, do subscribe to his blog - Cricket's Outside Edge

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings rocks

It may not be a comprehensive victory for Chennai Super Kings, as I have predicted. But I am not complaining. Chennai Super Kings had the upper hand for most of the match(36 overs), until some lusty blows from AM Nayar and Harbhajan Singh tried to steer the match away from the home side. Anyway, a fine victory that would strengthen our position in the IPL league table.


  • Batting with a purpose: I loved the way the innings was constructed around a single player who tries to stay till the end. It shows that each player understands his role in the batting order and plays accordingly.
  • Gony: As predicted, Manpreet Gony proves that his pace and bounce could trouble any batsman.
  • Cricket = Fun: Yesterday's match clearly showed that all the players are enjoying the game... which is good for the team as a whole.


  • Lack of options for Dhoni. Since there are only five bowlers in the playing XI, Dhoni has to bowl all of them, no matter how bad the bowler is on that day.
  • Parthiiv Patel, the opener: Parthiv Patel failed once again as a opener. I prefer the slot to be given to Vidyut(Opener for Tamil Nadu who entered first class cricket as a bowler) since he could also give more bowling options for Dhoni. Parthiv Patel can be brought into the team once the trio - Hayden, Hussey & Oram leaves.
  • Dew: Dew + Humidity in Chennai made the game a tough one for the players, especially for the bowlers. (Update: Ottayan in his blog clarifies that it is not dew but surface condensation arising because of the high humidity inside the stadium.)

But the thing that brought most cheer to me was the fact the Chennai crowd was behind the Super Kings. I believe the day when the whole crowd would be sprouting yellow (in support of the home team) is not far away.

Chennai Super Kings Promo Video

Chennai Super Kings Promotional video is finally up in the YouTube. Though the quality is not that great, it is the first one to be uploaded in YouTube. Hope to see better quality ones in the near future.

This video is a shorter version of the ad but of better quality

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Karunanidhi wants Chennai Super Kings to win

Karunanidhi Chief Minister of Taminadu wants Chennai Super Kings to win Even the politicians are joining in the IPL craze. Karunanidhi, Chief Minster of Tamil Nadu, joins thousands of Chennai cricket fans in his support for Chennai Super Kings. He appended his name to a “wish-petition”, urging hosts Chennai Super Kings to win both their T20 Indian Premier League outings to be played here Wednesday and Saturday., one of the leading city portals, had organized this campaign.The petition was ceremoniously handed over to CSK skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni by officials from India Cements, the company that owns the team.

Both Karunanidhi and Tamil Nadu Governor S. S. Barnala are expected to be present for today's match at Chennai.

Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians - Preview

In today's match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians, we could expect to see a huge number of personal contests within the contest. Hayden Vs Harbhajan, Captain Dhoni Vs Captain Sachin, Jayasuria Vs Murali, Hussey Vs Pollock. But all these contests fade in front of the contest going on the minds of each Chennai Super Kings fans' mind. Whom to support during the match? Team led by Master Blaster or their own City Team?


The pitch, shorn of grass is very similar to the condition of the pitch that hosted the first test match between India and South Africa in the recent series. Thanks to the pitch, Chennai Super Kings start as favourites in today's match.

Chennai_super_kings_IPL_Logo Vs  Mumbai_Indians_Logo_IPL

Comparison - Chennai Super Kings XI Vs Mumbai Indians XI - Batting

Mathew Hayden Vs Sanath Jayasuria

Both are explosive batsman who could change their game on their own. Though both of them got good starts in the last match, they were not able to utilize the opportunity. So both of them would be waiting to prove their worth to their respective teams. Verdict: Equal

Parthiv Patel Vs Sachin Tendulkar (L Ronchi)

Nobody would have any doubts on this comparison. The biggest asset of Mumbai Indians towers over Parthiv Patel. But doubts still persisting over Tendulkar's ability to play, L Ronchi may come as a placement. If so, both the teams are equal with regard to the ability of Ronchi and Parthiv.

Hussey Vs DJ Thornley/Bravo

Mr. Cricket's abilities with the bat surely towers above Thornley or any of his replacements. With regard to the important No:3 position, Chennai Super Kings are hugely ahead. Verdict: CSK Hugely Ahead

Uthappa Vs Dhoni

Both are aggressive players. Both are considered by a few as over rated players. Both have the ability to clear balls out of the grounds. Verdict: Equal

Pinal Shah/Tiwary Vs Raina - Verdict : CSK Ahead

Badrinath Vs Nayar:

Considered by a huge number of cricket fans as one of the most talented players not to be given an opportunity in Indian national side, Badrinath surely scores over Nayar. Verdict: CSK Ahead

Oram Vs Pollock

Both the players have the ability to send towering sixes in the slog overs. Verdict: Equal

Comparison - Chennai Super Kings XI Vs Mumbai Indians XI - Bowling

Nehra Vs Gony

In the first match against Bangalore Royal Challengers, Nehra was only a ghost of his former self. Personally I am not expecting much from him. With the expectation that the pitch won't  be providing any assistance to bowlers, Gony's pace could make the difference. Verdict: CSK Slightly Ahead

Pollock Vs Oram

Pollock showed in the first match that his experience still counts. Verdict: Mumbai Indians Ahead

Harbhajan Vs Murali

Harbhajan may be a talented spinner but he is surely not a match for the smiling wizard. (at least not yet) Verdict: CSK Ahead

Kulkarani Vs Joginder Sharma - Verdict: Equal

Jayasuria Vs Jakati -  Verdict - Mumbai Indians Ahead



Chennai Super Kings have a strong batting line up considered to Mumbai Indians... thanks to their strong middle order. With Tendulkar not expected to play today's match, Mumbai Indians' batting line up looks weakened, compared to Chennai Super Kings. In the bowling department, Mumbai Indians have mustered a better lineup than Chennai Super Kings. But with the pitch not expected to provide any assistance to the bowlers, this may not be a huge factor.


My Prediction: A Comprehensive Chennai Super Kings Win

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Team Dynamics

Many unsuccessful organizations stand as a proof that poor Group Dynamics leads to failure of an organization. Even cricket is not free from this. While a poor Team Dynamics hampers the prospect of the team(eg. India's first round exit from World Cup 2007), a great team  spirit adds that extra competitiveness to the team. Today's match between Rajastan Royals and Punjab XI Kings clearly illustrated that. While Warne's squad played as a single unit, Yuvraj was not able to command his troops properly.

Indian Premier League

Team Dynamics assumes a critical place for Indian Premier League since it brings together stars from different countries in a single team. The franchise that manages to bring these individuals as a single team surely start as a favourite. This is where teams with experienced/charismatic captains - Kolkata Knight Riders, Bangalore Royal Challengers, Chennai Super Kings have a huge advantage over others. These captains knew how to bring a team together and make them function as a single unit, both on and off the field.

Chennai Super Kings

This was precisely the reason for my fears when Dhoni did not get to spend quality time with the Chennai Super Kings Squad before the first match. Thanks to Hussey's ton, it did not cause too many problems. But team dynamics would be the key for our match against the talented Mumbai Indians. With so much talent on both the teams, the team dynamics could well be the difference.


News Snippets

  1. Radio One, Chennai bats for Super Kings: India Cements has chosen Radio One, Chennai as its radio partner. With this announcement, Radio One is expected to take up the mantle of cheerleader for Chennai Super Kings team. So expect some interesting and innovative content around the Chennai Super Kings team from Radio One. [News Source: ]
  2. MoM Trophy: In other news, Aircel has designed a magnificent trophy for ‘Aircel Man of the Match’ award for the forthcoming IPL matches to be played in Chennai. Titan Design Studio designed the trophy for Aircel. [News Source: Official Website]
    Aircel - MotM
  3. CSK Ads: While the promotional video of Chennai Super Kings is yet to hit YouTube, Titan has created a beautiful ad campaign for Sonata Watches around Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings. A must watch for all CSK fans.

Ready for Kollywood Entertainment???

In the inaugural match, Vijay Mallaya showed how to bring the carnival atmosphere to a cricket game. India Cements has decided not to lag behind. They are bringing their own set of entertainment to the field and are all set to rock us with Kollywood entertainment for the matches happening at Chepauk Stadium.

An impressive line-up of playback singers and musicians comprising Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, Anoorada Sriram, Srinivas, Karthik, Tipu, Srilekha Parthasarathy, Selvaganesh and Vikku Vinayakram will be present. Star ambassadors Vijay, Nayanthara and Krishnamachari Srikkanth will be there on all days and appear on the stage during the entertainment session. Added to this, Sivamani will be present on all seven days to drum up support for the teams and encourage spectators to root for namma team between overs and during breaks.


Full Entertainment Schedule

Day Match Artists

April 23

Chennai vs Mumbai


April 26

Chennai vs Kolkata

Naresh Iyer, Suchi,Ranjith and Benny

May 2

Chennai vs Delhi

Anoorada Sri Ram and Srinivas

May 6

Chennai vs Deccan

Karthik and Band

May 10

Chennai vs Punjab

Vikku Vinayakaran, Selva Ganesh and Others

May 21

Chennai vs Bangalore

Tipu and Srilekha Parthasarathy

May 24

Chennai vs Rajastan

Shankar Mahadevan


News Source: Hindu, Metro Plus

Monday, 21 April 2008

Buy Tickets Online

The much awaited online ticket sales for the IPL matches at Chennai has started. The tickets for the matches on April 23 and April 26 are available on the official website. But you need to possess a Visa or Master Credit card to buy a ticket. A convenience fee of 2.5% of the ticket price would be charged for the tickets purchased online. Visit the Official Website for more details.

Bulk Booking

For Bulk or Group booking, you can email with contact details, match date, stand and no of tickets required.

For all queries on online ticketing, you can call (044) 24242424 between 10 AM and 5 PM on week days


P.S: Early reports indicate that the daily ticket sales are not so brisk. And the tickets for all the stands are still available.

Chennai Super Kings scripts a memorable first win

A victory in the first match of any tournament provides an energy booster to any team. But Chennai Super Kings would be extra happy since their formidable batting lineup came out firing all its cylinders. Hussey came up with a special innings, justifying his selection over Stephen Fleming.


But the one played by Subramaniam Badrinath (31 not out) brought the most cheer to my heart. In the post match conference after the match against Mumbai Indians, Dravid made a valid point of how the domestic players have never played a match in front of a huge crowd. So it was pleasing to see Badrinath firing on his first IPL match without any jitters. The innings was extra sweet since he came in to bat at a crucial juncture. His Huge Domestic Experience has surely helped him.


Also all the batsman, except for Dhoni, got themselves to a good start, which harbours good for the team.  But the biggest worry is the bowlers' performance in the match. Hope the situation changes in the near future with the arrival of Ntini and a fit Balaji.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Sale of Daily Tickets from April 19

The long expected daily tickets for Chennai Super Kings’ home matches are expected to be on sale from Saturday, April 19.The CSK management is only making tickets of two matches - Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians (April 23) and Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders (April 26), available on April 19. Like the season tickets, the daily tickets are available in the TNCA counters from 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm and also at all outlets of Landmark in Nungambakkam, Spencer Plaza and the City.
Online Ticket Sales:
But there was no mention of the expected online ticket sales, though the business terms and conditions for the online ticket sales are up on the website. And has confirmed that it is not authorized to sell the tickets for the matches taking place at Chennai.

News Source: Official Website

Happy Birthday! Murali!

சென்னை மாப்பிள்ளைக்கு பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துகள்!!!!

In all the hype around IPL inaugural match, let us not forgot to wish the king of dosra. Muttiah Muralitharan turned 36 yesterday and his Chennai Super Kings team-mates celebrated the occasion in style, leaving the Sri Lankan off-spinner rather overwhelmed.

News Source: Official Website

Punaj XI Kings Vs Chennai Super Kings - Match Preview

The official website calls the first match of Chennai Super Kings as 'Battle Royale'. With the absence of key players like Ntini and Morkel from Chennai Super Kings squad, it is going to be contest of bat against the ball. With Bret Lee and Sreesanth on their ranks, Punjab XI Kings is expect to provide a green top for the match. But who knows, they might be surprised by the pace and bounce of Chennai Super Kings' secret weapon from the own backyard of Punjab. (Manpreet Gony). Gony proved that he is a suitable replacement for Sudeep Tyagi by generating pace and bounce on the CSK practice match held at Chennai.

But i think this match depends on how Mathew Hayden handles the early overs from Bret Lee and Sreesanth. If he survives those testing times, be ready to see the second hundred in this IPL tournament. The major threat for Chennai Super Kings may come from Yuvraj Singh. But i am expecting Murali to keep him quiet in the middle overs. Over all! I am expecting a Chennai Super Kings win.

P.S: Chennai Super Kings have outlined their simple strategy to enter the semi finals, win the first four matches and establish its dominant position.

IPL Extravaganza All Set to Begin

The day we have waited is finally upon us. From today on, we will know whether this extravagant T20 tournament will fizzle out or generate IPL mania. Right from ICC heads to ordinary cricket fans would keep their fingers crossed, waiting to see how this 42 day tournament is going to affect the cricket world.

So far so good. All the televeision channels and newspapers have nothing else to talk about. IPL is dominating the Google's Hot trend of the day. IPL Wikipedia page had more than 14,000 page views two days back. All pointing out to a single thing. Buzz created around the game. Now it is time for the cricket to justify this buzz.

Chennai Super Kings
But we the Chennai Super Kings fans have nothing to worry about, our team has started their practice yesterday at Chandigarh. V B Chandrasekhar reports that everything is going good and that both Kepler Wessels and senior stars are spending a lot of time with the youngsters. Most importantly, the team is gradually getting knit into a fighting unit as the players prepared themselves for their Indian Premier League opening fixture against Kings XI, Punjab, on Saturday.

So Chennai Super Kings rock on!

P.S: Can't stop myself from posting this. Check out the cheerleaders from Washington redskins who will be present for the inaugural match.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Parthiv Patel, the wicket Keeper

Parthiv Patel Cricinfo reports Parthiv Patel is all set to keep wickets for Chennai Super Kings. So his place in the CSK XI is confirmed, thanks to Dhoni's bruised fingers. Dhoni is expected to play in the side as a specialist batsman. On Dhoni's injury, Kepler Wessels commented that

"Dhoni has bruised fingers. We'll see how things shape up in the next couple of days, but with Parthiv there, we don't want to put unnecessary pressure on the Indian captain."

With Parthiv Patel in, either Badrinath or Suresh Raina is expected to miss the first match against Punjab XI Kings. Hope Parthiv Patel makes use of this opportunity and proves his selection over Chennai lad  Dinesh Karthik.


In other news, Yuvraj Singh wants to hype the Punjab Kings' first IPL match against Chennai Super Kings by pitching it as Yuvraj Versus Dhoni contest. [He wants a contest when there is no contest. Does he think Yuvraj Vs Dhoni will be like Ganguly Vs Dravid.  Yeah. these kind of statements shows his immaturity and his lack of ability to lead an Indian side]

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Squad for the first match

Chennai Super Kings has announced the squad for their opening Indian Premier League fixture against Punjab Kings at Mohali, Chandigarh, on April 19. As expected, both Ntini and Morkel are missing from the squad. [Both the players are at home for the South African Domestic T20 tournament and are expected to join the squad for April 26th match]. Surprisingly, Balaji is also missing the match since he has not yet fully recovered from stress fracture. [Since Balaji is missing, we could expect Manpreet Gony, who impressed everyone with his bounce and pace in the practice match, to open the bowling with Oram.]

Other Absentees from the squad are Abhinav Mukund, Napoleon Einstein, Suresh Kumar and Vraj Kadbe


1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain)
2. Stephen Fleming
3. Jacob Oram
4. Michael Hussey
5. Matthew Hayden
6. Muthiah Muralitharan
7. Suresh Raina
8. Parthiv Patel
9. Joginder Sharma
10. Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan
11. Anirudha Srikkanth
12. R Ashwin
13. P Amarnath
14. Shadab Jakati
15. Arun Karthik
16. S Badrinath
17. Manpreet Gony

The team is scheduled to depart for Mohali on Wednesday morning.

News Source: Official Website

Most Probable XI

As our first match against Punjab Kings is coming close, it is time we picked out the most probable XI for our team. Here goes my predictions:

1. Mathew Hayden/Stephen Fleming (I would have loved to play Stephen Fleming in all the matches. But the "4 overseas player rule" does not allow that to happen. But Stephen Fleming's Contribution during team meetings is very crucial for the success of the team. Fleming's role - Internal Consultant (Both Strategic & Tactical) to the team)

2. Vidyut S/ A Srikkanth (Vidyut has been an opener for Tamil Nadu for a much longer time and also he can roll his hands. So I prefer him. Though A Srikkanth is an explosive batsman and is a very good cover for both the openers)

3. Badrinath (He would be the one who holds the innings together + My choice for Vice-Captain)

4. Michael Hussey/ Parthiv Patel (Parthiv Patel's good domestic record in 2007(five consecutive centuries) earns him a spot in the squad. My reason for Michael Hussey's higher batting position is to utilize him the fullest during his stay here.)

5. Jacob Oram/Albie Morkel [Two Explosive All-rounders who can change a game either through their batting or bowling, single handedly]

6. Suresh Raina [Hope he sets the field on fire]

7. Dhoni (He and Oram/Morkel would float around the batting order and play according to the situation)

8. Shadab Jakti/ R Ashwin (While Shadab Jakti is a bowling all rounder, Ashwin is a pure bowler. Among them, who is going to play depends largely on the pitch and circumstances)

9. Balaji [Hope he is able to find his Midas touch]

10. Ntini/Joginder Sharma (Joginder Sharma for the first four matches and then Ntini can take over)

11. Muralitharan


But what surprises me about this squad is their Bench Strength which may be very crucial in the latter stages of the game.

I think this is the best squad that Chennai Super Kings can come up with. If you think otherwise, do post your comments.

Monday, 14 April 2008

News Snippets

  1. Maestro's Acknowledgement: When fans proclaim their team as the best, it is not a big thing. But if the rivals also acknowledge that, then there should be truth in what the fans say. Symonds on his interview, acknowledged that Matthew Hayden’s (Chennai Super Kings) team is a strong one. Yeah! Symonds! We too acknowledge that you are the second best team in the competition.
  2. Cheers: While DNA networks is bringing cheerleaders from the US National Football league(Washington Redskins) for the inaugural match, Chennai Super Kings is not lagging behind. India Cements Ltd. has chosen to cheer the team in the traditional Tamil Style. They have already booked drummer Sivamani to cheer the team after every boundary or dismissal. [News Source: Financial Express]
  3. Sponsors: Not only Chennai Super Kings fans are queuing up to buy the tickets, even the sponsors are chasing the team. In addition to Aircel and Reebok, S Kumar's and Cafe Coffee Day have joined the elite sponsors list.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

News Snippets

  1. Parthiv Patel raring to go: Parthiv Patel, after a few minutes on arriving in Chennai, has roared his willingness to make a contribution to Chennai Super Kings' march to IPL crown. Aiming to stage a comeback into the Indian cricket team through IPL, he underlined his determination by getting straight to work for Chennai Super Kings. My only hope is that he is able to find a place in the talented Chennai Super Kings XI. [News Source: Hindustan Times]
  2. Big Boys are in Chennai: Michael Hussey, Stephen Fleming and Jacob Oram have already arrived in Chennai. While Hussey has already started his training with other Chennai Super Kings Lions, Fleming and Oram are expected to join the lions' practicing session today. [News Source: Official Website]
  3. Awaiting Foreign Imports: Matthew Hayden is expected to join the team on April 15 while Sri Lanka’s Muthiah Muralitharan is likely to arrive in Chennai on Monday.
  4. Online Ticket Sales: Though Chennai Super Kings has not yet started their online ticket sales, business terms and conditions for online tickets sales is already up.

Want to see your name/blog featured in this premier fan site of Chennai Super Kings?

Catch a photo snap of CSK big boys shopping in Chennai and send them to my email id - .

Chennai Super Kings Fans raring to go

If the official website of Chennai Super Kings is to believed, Chennai Super Kings fans are snapping up season tickets, in spite of the high prices. The website reports that over a hundred fans lined up before the counters, even before the tickets went on sale.  The ticket counters at M A Chidambaram Stadium are expected to be open from 9 AM to 1 PM and 2 PM to 6 PM. India Cements Limited has also tied up with Landmark for ticket sales. You can buy the season tickets at Nungambakkam Apex Plaza, Spencer’s and City Centre Landmark Stores in Chennai.

Indian Cricket Fans

Brisk Ticket sales of Chennai Super Kings is good news, especially since other franchises(Kolkata Knight Riders) are finding it tough to sell their tickets. Low ticket sales of other franchises are happening, even with various promotions going on (Personal Handing over of tickets by Sharukh Khan, Preity Zinda, Bret Lee, etc.). are showing their enthusiasm, even without these promotions, thus showing that they are raring to go.

 P.S: Expect Online Ticket Sales in a few days

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Friday, 11 April 2008

Ready for Rivalry???

Red sox Vs yankees rivalry Yankees Vs Red Sox

Lakers Vs Celtics

Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona

India Vs Pakistan


These are not 'just sports matches'. They are something more. Each of these matches resemble the battle between ancient warriors fighting for their pride. These sports rivalries add that extra element, essential for the success of professional leagues, drawing  new fans to the game. Some games even owe their popularity to the sports rivalries[Chess - Bobby Fischer Vs Boris Spassky match]. Even Team Owners love sports rivalries because of the increased television ratings and increased attendance for those matches.

 Sports Rioting

Sports Riots are Fun Too! :)

But it is the fans who benefit the most because we witness something special that cannot be described in words. These rivalries inspire folklore and the nail biting contests are retold for generations  eg. Javed Miandad's six off the last ball in Australasia Cup final, Boston Red Sox's comeback from 0-3 to win the seven game series. Fans who thinks sports rivalries are recent, arising from media hype, are sadly mistaken. Sports Rivalries have been in existence for around 1500 years[Nika Riots]. For IPL to become successful as everybody wants it to be, it is essential that each team create these rivalries.


So it is time we pick out our rivals. I could think of 3 teams that could be our rivals.

1. Mumbai Indians: How can we forget "lungi hatao pungi bajao" or "yendu gundu"? Also we could be picking out on the franchise with a huge financial muscle, thereby leading to a David Vs. Goliath fight.

2. Hyderabad Deccan Chargers: Wikipedia considers Proximity as the major cause of sports rivalry. Deccan Chargers satisfy the condition. Having the second best team, they are going to be the biggest roadblock on our march to the IPL crown.

3. Bangalore Royal Challengers: But the recent Hogenakal water dispute put to rest all the questions about the choice of our arch rivals. Even the fans of both the teams echoed these thoughts in their Orkut communities. So! Don't miss the emotionally charged matches against Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Warning to Dhoni: You cannot, cannot afford to lose the matches against Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

News Snippets

  1. Good News: Cricinfo reports that Jacob Oram is fit. This is great news since it confirms his availability for the first four matches of Chennai Super Kings, in their quest for IPL crown.
  2. Bad News: Gerald Majola, the chief executive of Cricket South Africa (CSA), confirmed to Cricinfo that the South Africans would be available for IPL, only after the first week of the tournament. So Chennai Super Kings would miss the services of Ntini and Albie Morkel for the first four matches. Sad
  3. Chennai Super Kings Ads: While we are all waiting for the promotional videos from Chennai Super Kings to hit the Televisions, Chennai Super Kings has silently started their Internet advertising. You can see the Google Search Advertisements for Chennai Super Kings official website in the following image. These Google Ads titled "Dhoni's Brigade" with the description "Clash of the Titans. Join the Fan Club" appeared for a short time on Google.

Chennai Super Kings Official Website Google Advertisements

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Ready to buy tickets???

The season tickets for the Indian Premier League cricket matches at M A Chidambaram Stadium will go on sale from Friday, April 11 at the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) counters. Subsequently, season tickets will be made available at various distribution points across Chennai. The ticket prices for the Season and Daily tickets for different stands are given below:


News Source: Chennai Super Kings Official Website

A Simple Calculation

Assuming that 20% of the seats are allotted to season ticket holders and M A Chidambaram Stadiums has a houseful crowd for all the seven matches, India Cements Ltd would make more than 25 crore rupees from the ticket revenues itself.


But the question is

Will the fans turn out in huge numbers for a 3 hour cricket match with such exorbitant ticket prices?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings FanZone is Up

Chennai super Kings Promo Wall Paper When I checked out CSK official website today, I was surprised to find out the 'Fan Zone' to be up and working. So I quickly registered myself on the website so that I could become the first member to comment on the forum[:)]. But Alas, I was only shocked and disappointed on seeing the Fan Zone. It does not provide any forum for fans to voice out their opinions. As of now, Chennai Super Kings Fan Zone has a few wall papers to download. But still, you could register yourself at CSK - Fan Zone

Personal Requests to Coromandel Infotech India Ltd

  • Quickly Provide a forum in the fan zone
  • Quickly provide a RSS feed in the main website

Hope my requests don't fall in deaf ears.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Pre-Tournament Favourites

Times Now in its show on Indian Premier League, aptly titled as "The Summer Slam", called Chennai Super Kings as the pre-tournament Favourites. It was good to hear that from a third party, which do not have any affiliation or affection for Chennai Super Kings. 79% of voters in the poll on this blog seem to agree with this view.

But it set me up thinking...

Are we really the strongest team on paper?

What do you think about it? Post your views on comments section...

News Snippets

1. Missing Stars: Cricinfo considers that the growing list of big name absentees for various parts of the tournament is going to affect the Chennai Super Kings team the worst, as they have players from all the three groups of absentees - Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. But V.B. Chandrasekhar chose to be optimistic and shared on a lighter note that now they don't have to make the tough decision on whom to bench.

2. Player of the Tournament: Three former India captains - Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri, have been assigned the task of selecting the Player of the Tournament for the inaugural edition of IPL. The chosen one will get a trophy besides Rs. 10 lakh. [News Source: IPL Buzz]

Friday, 4 April 2008

Manpreet Gony to replace Sudeep Tyagi

Chennai Super Kings today signed up 24-year old Punjab all-rounder Manpreet Gony as a replacement for injured Sudeep Tyagi. Gony was selected on the basis of the recommendation by Bhupinder Singh and his good performance in Deodhar and Ranji Trophy Matches.

Six feet, four inch tall Gony, bowls with reasonable pace and can hit the ball hard. But his relative inexperience(5 First Class and 8 List A Games) would be a huge minus point since Chennai Super Kings are already one or two pace bowlers short.

News Source: Chennai Super Kings Official Website

Thursday, 3 April 2008

South African may arrive late

Cricinfo reports that South Africans may arrive late for IPL due to their involvement in the Standard Bank Pro20 matches in South Africa.  They are unlikely to participate in the IPL till April 25th. So Chennai Super Kings is expected to miss the services of Albie Morkel and Makhaya Ntini for the first two IPL matches. :-(

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Chennai Super Kings Website Rocks!!!

On seeing Chennai Super Kings Official Website for the first time, I thought that though the Design was not great, it should suffice. But on seeing the other IPL teams' websites, I am satisfied that Chennai Super Kings have done a wonderful job with their website and it is surely the best of the lot. Even Aditya Ramgopal, who did a survey on all the websites, agrees with this opinion.



One thing that Google has shown to the rest of the world wide web is that Simple and Neat design always rocks. This is much more important for Indian websites since most of us are still using dial-up connections and even our Broad Band is ultra-slow. But Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Dare Devils forgot this and made their websites loaded with flash and videos that suck up the bandwidth. Just by its simplicity, Chennai Super Kings scores over Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders



Creativity lies in coming with simple, elegant and attractive designs that does not suck up bandwidth. Though, Rajastan Royals have come up with an elegant design, the website looks so professional that most of its fans would mistake the website for a corporate website rather than the website of a sports club. The web layouts and colour combinations of websites of  Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab does not seem right. But the worst of the lot is the website designed for Bangalore Royal Challengers. Right from the prominence given to Vijay Mallaya in the website to the red-yellow colour combination makes you doubt whether this is the company that comes up with Kingfisher Calendar.


But the downside for Chennai Super Kings' website is that it is still not fully operational. Hopefully, all the links and sections of  CSK website would start working soon.

P.S: Mumbai Indians still does not have an official website.

Chennai Super Kings Officially Launched

Sorry for not updating immediately about the official launch of Chennai Super Kings. But all the surprising news in Chennai Super Kings official launching ceremony - 4 new players and Aircel as the main sponsor were already revealed in this blog. Still there were a few things that made me happy.

Dhoni Serious about Chennai Super Kings

With Dhoni's multiple responsibilities as one day captain, Batsman and wicketkeeper, I was a bit worried on how serious Dhoni will be about Chennai Super Kings in Indian Premier League Cricket. These doubts were also aided by the fact that Dhoni has never spoken in public about Chennai Super Kings.

So V.B. Chandrasekhar's revelation that,

"Dhoni was very serious and had already thought out the team combination and how to go about playing in the tournament. We are looking at playing serious cricket and he seemed the perfect man for it"

was surely a great relief for me. Also Chennai Management team and Dhoni putting their relationship on strong footing was also a pleasant news. [India Times reveals that CSK management and Dhoni had at least one 'excellent' meeting]


The glittering ceremony also provided a number of opportunities for great photos. You can check out the photos here.