Saturday, 22 March 2008

News Snippets

  1. Expected News: Dhoni has been officially announced as captain of the Chennai Super Kings team. [No Surprises there]
  2. Chandrasekhar promises Surprises: I was thinking that L Balaji was the last member to be included in the Chennai Super Kings team. But V B Chandrasekhar, Head of Cricketing matters in Chennai Super Kings disagress and promises two or three more surprises in the composition. [Source: Hindu]
  3. Revenue: Whatever people may say, all the IPL franchise owners are here for money. And ICL is no exception. It is looking at the revenues coming from sponsorship of T-shirts and caps, advertisements on helmets, shared revenue from TV rights and the BCCI central pool, gates collection and merchandising of other items to break even in the first year itself.

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