Tuesday, 11 March 2008

News Snippets

  1. Shadab Jakati: I should have wrote about this earlier. Goa's left arm spinner, Shadab Jakati was signed up by Chennai Super Kings, a few days earlier. He now joins Uttar Pradesh's Sudeep Tyagi, R Ashwin, Srikkanth Anirudha and S Badrinath in the list of interim signings by Chennai Super Kings.
  2. Tommy Simsek: Sri Lanka team physio Tommy Simsek joins the support staff of Chennai Super Kings that already has Kepler Wessels as coach and Gregory King as physical trainer. [News Source: Hindu]


Denkali said...

I find it intriguing that CSK does not seem to want (or is unable to pick) players from the TN squad. Cases in point are Dinesh Karthik and YoMahesh. Also, TA Shekhar is the cricket operations head for Delhi.

Does the CSK management feel that we lack quality players locally? Or is it a case of imported is best - even if importing from another state?

Looking at Bangalore's squad will highlight the point that I am making - Sunil Joshi, Balachandra Akhil, R Vinay Kumar, Bharat Chipli, J Arun Kumar, KP Appanna, Devraj Patil.

How many are from out of the Karnataka team? Do they not have enough money or do they perceive their local players to be the best picks?

Unknown said...

@ Denkali,
I also find it frustrating and intriguing to find that the Tamilnadu players missing from the Chennai Super Kings squad... The list is huge and includes - Dinesh, Robin Singh, Yo Mahesh, etc... Preference of Shadab Jakati over TN's Vidyut or Ramkumar...

I don't whether it is because of some internal politics or disregard of home state players or just that TN is so player rich that it can afford to play without them...

Whatever it is, it is surely a great disappointment for me... :(

Denkali said...

True, Robin.

BTW, in your squad list, you have Srikkanth Aniruddha as Srikkanth Akkula. Must be a typo.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

@ denkali,
Thanks for pointing out the mistake..