Thursday, 27 March 2008

Nayantara Expresses Support for CSK

Nayantara Expresses Support for Chennai Super Kings On March 18, India Cements Ltd formally introduced Vijay and Nayanthara as Star Brand Ambassadors for Chennai Super Kings. Though Vijay was present in the inaugural function, Nayanthara was conspicuous by her absence. But Nayanthara has made amendments to her absence through an exclusive interview to, in which she expresses her support for Chennai Super Kings.


From Nayanthara's Interview"

  • She has never watched cricket live in a stadium
  • Her favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar, though she likes Dhoni's attitude and captaincy. She is all excited to meet Sreesanth, a fellow Keralite.
  • She has promised to show up at all the matches featuring Chennai Super Kings.

P.S: With Nayantara promising to be present in all the cricket matches, don't be surprised to hear rumours connecting Nayantara with Chennai Super Kings' players. Winking

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