Wednesday, 26 March 2008

'Yellow Nation' at Chepauk

Chennai Super Kings Fans, watching the test match between India and South Africa, were in for a surprise - Chepauk Stadium wore a festive look with a number of banners, hoarding and signboards all decorated in bright yellow. [Thus ending the long debate among Chennai super kings fans about the official colour of the team and the colour of team uniform] Even all roads leading to the Stadium, walls and parts of the Stadium were painted with the logo of the Chennai Super Kings team.


Not stopping with the banners, India Cements Limited has also announced various promotions during the test match  - Prizes for those coming dressed in yellow, Surprise gifts, etc. Also India Cements Limited is expected to start off its merchandise (T-shirts, caps) sale in the next few days. With a flat pitch, the 'yellow nation' became the hot topic of debate rather than the cricket played on the stadium. Even Cricinfo and rediff cannot stop themselves from commenting about "Welcome to Lion's Den" banners, seen on the stadium.


News Source: Hindu

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