Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bike for Dhoni

Dhoni_from_flickr Except for Dhoni, the other captains of IPL teams have said something about their teams and their chances in IPL. But Dhoni has never said anything about Chennai Super Kings or its chances in Indian Premier League. This may be due to the fact that most of the cricketing matters in CSK are decided by V B Chandrasekhar and his team rather than the team captain. With Dhoni in Lion's Den for the first test match between India and South Africa, I expected the situation to change.


I expected Dhoni to appear in public with the management team of Chennai Super Kings to express his support and commitment for Chennai Super Kings. But Dhoni and India Cements Limited have preferred to keep their interaction private. None of the press were informed beforehand about Dhoni's meeting with India Cements' President, N. Srinivasan on Monday. We came to know about this interaction only through a small mention in Hindu's Tuesday paper that M.S. Dhoni was presented a motorbike worth Rs. 8 lakh. It would have been great if this has happened before the flashing camera bulbs. Alas! the management thinks otherwise. Anyway! With Dhoni expected to spend most of the Indian Premier League season in Chennai, we could expect Dhoni to be sighted in Chennai with his new bike. Smile

P.S: To know more about M.S. Dhoni, visit his official website.

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