Saturday, 23 February 2008

What is there in a name???

Krish Ashok on his Chennai Metroblog column, is asking his readers whether Super Kings is the best name that Chennai could come up with. He makes a good point that the name "Chennai Super Kings" rhymes "Wills Filter Kings". Because of which the chances that it will be associated with cigarettes rather than a sports team is pretty high. But what is there in a name???. In 2 or 3 years time, nobody will care about why Chennai Franchise of Indian Premier League was not given some other 'exotic' name.

Chennai Super Kings Logo Indian Premier LeagueYeah! I accept the fact that 'Chennai Super Stars' and 'Chennai Veerans' are much better names than Chennai Super Kings. But if we look at the name with the logo (Lion, the King of the Jungle in minimalist style foregrounded by the name in solid lettering), it makes much more sense for the word 'Kings' to be in the name. Also the word 'super' is a colloquial and a very popular word among Tamils.

Yeah! It is not a great name. But still it is not a name to be ashamed of. It is better to be a 'Simple' name that will be popular among the masses rather than some 'Innovative and Complex' name that will be praised by the critics only.


Krish Ashok said...

:) Valid point, but it's not a complex, innovative name Im looking for. For instance, Chennai Macchis or Chennai Macchaans or CHennai Killaadis sounds more culturally chennai-ish than Super Kings. You are right about the fondness for "super", but "super maams" or "Super Macchis" might have been nicer. In fact, we often say "Soooper shot macchi" or simply "Sooper machi".

Unknown said...

@ Krish Ashok,
Yeah.. Super Macchis or Super Maams sounds nicer but coming up with a logo design for that would be very tough... India Cements took the easy way out..

Denkali said...

Perhaps the name could have been "Chennai Bashas" and the logo could have been an auto. Would show both the aggression and the omnipresence ;-)