Friday, 22 February 2008

Robin Singh is Poached!!!

Robin Singh Indian Cricket Team Player All rounder CoachAt least a few of the cricket fans of Chennai(like me) would have been disappointed on hearing the news that son of the soil, Dinesh Karthik is not part of Chennai Super Kings Squad. (Read my disappointment on hearing the news @ Where is Dinesh Karthik???). And their misery would have been increased further on hearing the news that Robin Singh, another ex-Tamilnadu cricket team player(residing in Chennai) was poached by the rival team from Hyderabad.

Hyderabad gives its reasons for signing Robin Singh at Cricinfo,

'Hyderabad, who bought Australian allrounder Andrew Symonds for US$1.35 million, said Singh was their "logical choice" for coach.

"Former Hyderabad offspinner and domestic veteran Kanwaljit Singh will assist Robin," Mohanraj, a former Ranji opener for Hyderabad, said. "Robin is a logical choice as he understands the Indian conditions. The tournament is just over a month away, and he wouldn't need any time to adjust to the situation here, unlike maybe some of the foreign coaches. He has also worked with our Indian players [VVS Laxman, Rohit Sharma and RP Singh], which makes it easier." '

If Chennai Super Kings was not able to give the role of the coach to Robin Singh(due to his inexperience), they could have atleast given some other strategic role that satisfies him.

Srinivasan and VB Chandrasekhar! are u guys sleeping to let off Robin Singh that easily????
Or is there some other valid reason???

Hope you guys, bring some happiness back into the hearts of the fans by bringing a good coach!!!

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