Monday, 25 February 2008

Cheerleaders for Chennai Super Kings

It is a rare phenomenon in marketing in which a product/service is successfully able to expand its category. To be successful, Indian Premier League has to achieve this rare phenomenon by expanding its category from Sports to Entertainment. ICL has already shown the way in this regard and Cricinfo list packaged entertainment as one of the key reasons for the success of ICL in Chandigarh. Hope Chennai Super Kings, Chennai Franchise of Indian Premier League also follows suit .

If it does:

We can expect dance and music shows by famous Kollywood stars during the breaks. If India Cements has the courage, it may even bring some half-clad cheer leaders(mostly foreign exported) to M.A. Chidambaram Stadium[:)]. [Remember ICL has already shown the path by having cheerleaders dancing on the either side of the park].

Ottayan(another Chennai Super Kings Fan) is running a poll on his blog on whom should be the Cheerleader(Sorry Ottayan, I prefer the word 'Cheerleader' to 'Mascot') for Chennai Super Kings. Choices he has listed are:

Whom do you prefer? Any other choices you suggest?

Update: Since Nayantara has been officially choosen as the ambassador of Chennai Super Kings, I think it is time to close this poll...


Viswanathan said...
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Viswanathan said...

To be honest, I prefer Namitha. Just imagine her jumping around like a true 'cheerleader' - the imagination boggles.

Unknown said...

@ Ottayan,
:).. If that happens, i am sure there will be no problem of crowd turnout in M.A. Chidambaram Stadium.. :)

Anonymous said...

c'mon guys
we in chennai are regarded as a knowledgable and sporting crowd. We should aim to keep this purely a cricketing venture unlike other franchises. if cricket has to include entertainment programmes like these, then it only goes to show that cricket as a game cannot attract fans.

Unknown said...

@ raghu,
The issue is not using Kollywood to attract crowds for cricket.. But how to provide entertainment for the crowd during the breaks... [when cricket is not taking place]... Since the fans would have paid so much money need their money's worth 3 hours of fun..

Anonymous said...

I agree...we need entertainment on the field and off the field. Well, I think IPL is about entertainment...may we can look at it as a possible opportunity to bring entertainers together!!! :-)