Thursday, 21 February 2008

10 Reasons why Chennai Super Kings bought Dhoni for 6 Crore rupees

Around 80 of the World's best cricket players fetched around 42 million USD, but the headlines remained the same in all the news papers. Hot news was 'Chennai Super Kings spending 1.5 million USD from its coffers for Dhoni'. Never before a cricket player has made such a huge amount from a single tournament.

A Few reasons why Chennai Super Kings bought Dhoni

  • Brand Value/Star Power of Dhoni: Chennai, without an icon on its own, did not have any star player who can draw crowds. Dhoni plugs this gap beautifully.
  • Being the one day team captain and future test captain, Dhoni is going to be on the eyes of the Indian Public for a long time. So he provides Chennai Super Kings an opportunity to ride on his fame.
  • Wicket Keeper Batsmen are a rare breed as shown by the fact that most of the wicket keeper batsmen commanded a high price.
  • As The Hindu’ points out in its article today, Dhoni is a ‘captain in the making’. With the possibility that the future international fixtures of non-Indian players may clash with the Premier League matches, Chennai Super Kings did a wise thing by opting for a Indian Captain(Dhoni), thereby ensuring that its captain leads the team in all the matches.
  • Centre of Gravity: As VB Chandrasekhar, the selector of Chennai Super Kings reasoned out in his interview, Dhoni provides the team with a centre around which a team can be built and plans could be formulated for the game.
  • Young Age: Unlike other iconic players like Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Laxman, Dravid, etc. Dhoni is just 26 years old and has atleast 8-10 years of cricket left in him. Chennai Super Kings made an wise Investment for the future
  • Dhoni, not only hits hard, but also plays intelligently. Proof: His Recent Boundary less fifty in the run chase against Sri lanka
  • A Person with an innate ability to build and rally a team around him. As Dinakar points out in his article, much of the credit for Yuvraj's match winning effort against the Lankans should go to Dhoni.
  • A Person who never fears to back his instincts. This quality of Dhoni brought rich rewards to the nation & team when he backed Joginder Sharma in T20 World Cup Semi-finals.
  • From an ordinary somebody from Jharkhand, Dhoni has now transformed himself to an youth icon. He has proven to the world that he can not only handle pressure but can thrive on it. Most importantly, He is a Person who will be looking at 6 Crore price tag as a challenge and an opportunity rather than being weighed down by the huge responsibility that comes with the price tag.

A Deserving Candidate for 6 Crore Price Tag


Saravanan said...

good effort to start this new blog about Chennai super kings..We can be proud the second best wicket after the one in chennai is in our tirunelveli...But i dont know if i can support a team that do not conatain sachin...So Iam for Mumbai whatever happens bcox its because of him I started watching cricket and still do bcoz of him...All the best for ur venture of starting this blog ...Meanwhile i take the previlage of commenting first on this blog

Unknown said...

@ Saravanan,
Thanks for the wishes & the first comment on the blog.. Oh. i never knew about the wicket keeper from Tirunelveli...

Yeah! It will be an interesting trend to watch.. which team that the fans are going to support.. One with their favourite cricketer or one which is near to them.. Hope the IPL lives up to its hype.. :)